An    idea    of    the    best    of    American    Television

Most people, magazines, whatever, come out with the top 10, best of,
or something like that for television. This site is almost like that,
but we don't claim to have the ultimate opinions like everyone else.
We like what we like. You don't have to listen to us, just drop in
and tell us you think we're full of it. Read everything first, though,
we don't like un-educated opinions. That's our niche!

Now onto the "shew" as that man who introduced most people to culture
usually stated. This is a list. A list in progress, in a constant 
state of flux, as everything changes constantly. So, if you are one
of them who need everything NOW, you're in the wrong spot. We watch,
argue, decide, and then "choose" someone to write the manifesto on any
given show at any given time. Some of us actually leave our computer
tvs once in a while, and therefore tape shows to watch LATER, which
means that even though we're nearing a new calendar year and the
television midseason, we still aren't done with the late series and
season premieres or even the November sweeps episodes! Do we care? 
What do you not think?

Anyways, our point is this, we try to keep up, but we may be behind,
so be patient and our opinions will come. We are "normal" tv viewers,
and hence, don't get the episodes in advance, but thanks to re-runs
and syndication, you can take our opinions and use them appropriately.

Another thing. We don't watch EVERY show. We watch what we like. 
That's not to say we don't check out the new shows, we do. We give
them two episodes to prove themselves. Unfortunately, so do the 
networks, which means even if we like a show, there is no guarantee
that anyone will ever see it again. Thank goodness for USA Network!

We try to alert people to campaigns to keep shows on the air or to 
change networks, so that shows that we like can keep going. Again, if
we don't like them, you won't see that show's campaign here. In fact,
we might be so snotty as to wish them a happy demise! Then again...
NO, we will! If you don't like it, well, start your own site, we might
even list it here (providing of course, we like the concept of the
site and you don't just rip us off).

We are a fickle bunch. Onto the dial (do they even make those anymore?)...

Our TV Guidebook

Days of week and timeslots (and available syndication)
Anatomy of a Scene
The Simpsons
King of the Hill
Sex and the City
The Sopranos
Six Feet Under
Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Boston Public
Third Watch 
Crossing Jordan
CSI: Miami

That 70s Show
Grounded for Life
Just Shoot Me
New Detectives Forensic Science
FBI Files
The Osbournes

West Wing
Law & Order
48 Hours Investigates
South Park

Will & Grace
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Good Morning Miami
Without A Trace
Primetime Thursday

John Doe
Stargate SG-1
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Behind Closed Doors
The Agency
Mad TV
Saturday Night Live

This is what is available for our viewing. They are definitely
more shows in first-run and re-run syndication, but our puny 
stations didn't buy them this seasonal go 'round.

**These are outdated links with current blurbs below. Excuse the
mess while we cleanup and swap links. We should be done by the
beginning of the new calendar year, just in time for February sweeeps!

Third Watch
This covers the A&E reruns as well as the NBC first-runs
Dharma & Greg
Now cancelled, it lives in syndication
Spin City
Another ABC boo boo, it too rises in syndication
3rd Rock from the Sun
This died a rough death, but syndication is a smoother
Just Shoot Me
In syndication, but still hanging on with new cast member
Will & Grace
Episode 100 Grace married Leo, now NBC wants Leo in cast-yawn
The Simpsons
Episode 3000 approaching and its renewing great steam
Malcolm in the Middle
The Wilkersons are adding a new baby-maybe good, maybe not
The X-Files
Even keeping Scully couldn't save it. We want more movies!
Stargate SG-1
It moved from Showtime to Sci-Fi and changed cast
Investigative Reports
This seems to be rehashing headlines ripped to Law & Order
The Practice
And babies make boring
Law & Order
We don't like ADA Barbie, but Fred Thompson was nice choice
The Drew Carey Show
We miss Kate, but warming to the blond
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Making the shrink permanent erases Father of the Bride memories
Whose Line is it Anyway?
Bring more Brits over and lose the guest stars CHYNA?!! Puhleeze
A very special....snooze
Giving Phoebe a real lovelife is a nice start to ending
48 Hours
Now 48 Hours Investigates tear-jerkers
Maybe use Maria Shriver more and topicals less?
Love Chronicles
Another good one gets bitten by the A&E restructure
We don't get the channel, but we still like the series
On the Inside
This too disappeared. Maybe TDC could re-discover it?
Science Mysteries
This is only reruns when and if they show it. Boo
American Justice
We seem to see more Cold-Case Files than new ones
The New Detectives
CSI without the personal junk. Its still tops
The FBI Files
Less kidnappings, more murders
Wild Discovery
More buried boats, less animals-there's a channel for them now
Cinema Secrets
A bio on Rick Baker is desperately needed
Ultimate Guide
So many channels do variations of this, its not worth it
History's Lost and Found
The Scud Stud lives!
History's Mysteries
Lincoln didn't really sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom-really?
Saturday Night Live
Lorne asked, Rudy answered. It still ain't funny. We like Jimmy though
City Confidential
There are more states than just the South and California
Sex and the City
Baby didn't slow them a bit. Rawhr
Beggars & Choosers
Too close to the truth like Action
Top 10
Its like, which channel's version?
First Person
We'll repeat, more Maria
Tale Lights
Another bites the dust
Time and Again
We tried to save it, but these guys make real quality shows so it had to die, just like Thirtysomething and My So Called Life
So Weird
We miss her, but she's good on Boston Public
The West Wing
Keep Rob Lowe and lose the preachiness
Sports Night
Sorkin liked West Wing better damnit
Royal Families
We didn't realize there were so many and then they were gone
A merciful cancellation, but DVDs allow us to go to the joke
The Pretender
TNT made two movies and made more questions than help
A rerun favorite, it was better with Sam than Jamie
The Others
They killed the whole lineup and then wonder why no one watches
It started sweet and got worse, even second thoughts won't help
Charlie Rose
Duuude, he had Howard Stern, Kevin Costner and Condi Rice
Hollywood Fashion Machine
There are more designers besides Edith Head and Bob Mackie
The Lot
This was great, so of course it was cancelled
No longer made, but still Must-Sees for us.
I Love Lucy
Just don't put Debra Messing in the movie
The Andy Griffin Show
Tell us it didn't teach you to whistle
The Dick VanDyke Show
Pratfalls and TV Writing before Chevy Chase
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
We made it after all
Hogan's Heroes
I now noting I see noting, besides the blond secretaries
Louie vs Latka WWE take note
Happy Days
Ted McGinley strikes again
Gilligan's Island
Maryann vs Ginger, Veronica vs Betty vs Wilma Pass the popcorn
The Brady Bunch
Like Oliver was a cool name before
Midnight Caller
Interesting people don't listen and call drivetime radio
Formulatic, brainless and watchable only with Kramer
Magnum, PI
The Rick. We are all the Rick
Murder, She Wrote
Miss Marple in New England, then she traveled...yet still managed to find a stiff every week and have someone she knew (or better still-was related to) accused of the crime
The Greatest American Hero
C'mon sing along with the theme song. Joey could use the money
Charlie's Angels
Either Monroe works, as long as Sabrina is there
Catfights, water, designer dresses, need we say more?
Star Trek
The original is the most innovative, but we'll take any of the four ST-TOS, TNG, DS9 VOG and Enterprise is on the new list
Tracy Takes On...
schedule shuffles and guest stars and can't quite hang on
The Dead Man's Gun
Finally, a place for the underappreciated old sitcom stars
also Dragnet '68 **News ABC is premiering new version!
Are You Being Served?
and Are You Being Served, Again?
This is a British show (and sequel), but PBS has made it american!
The Flintstones
The Honeymooners in cartoon form. We eat Betty vitamins too.

Something of an explanation

We admit it. We watch a lot of television.
This site is just the American shows. We haven't decided what to do
about our tastes in British (aside from AYBS?), Australian, Canadian,
Mexican and Europop tv... yet. Be on the lookout!

We, the Leaper Guild of Television Watchers,(Doesn't that sound 
pompous? We like it!) have decided that we want more out of life, 
like, a life! Therefore, we have decided to ask our faithful web 
readers (YOU) to join us. SO, if you want to join our mad society, 
please email LGTW Yahoo Groups subscribe. 
[**Emailing this address will subscribe you to the mailing list!}]

We haven't decided how we'll decide on who (if anyone applies) will 
get the honor of the first non devilbunny/Fudd to post an opinion,
but rest assured, YOU will be the first to know. And for the first 
applicant, we WILL publish your name and television habits just to
get a feeler. Everyone who emails an "application" will get a free
email response. Thats what we got back when we were struggling naughts
on the darpanet and that's what you'll get now on Gore's internet.

Also, if someone had an idea on how to do a calendar layout that 
doesn't require java applets, we would appreciate the heads up-email or Thanks!
Long live TiVo. Happy viewing! The LGTW