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Its 3 am. You're in your underwear and can't decide what to watch.
If you don't choose soon, the test pattern from that network that 
does sleep will start to make sense. You still have the computer on
(why won't say why, hehe) and decide to check out that site your
buddy said would help get you back on your viewing track.

Now that you're here, take our advice and nestle back into the
couch with clicking ease. Remember, you like us, you follow us,
you WILL send us money. Repeat. Repeat. HEY! Who said you could
sign off?! GET BACK HERE! You didn't pay. WE'RE TELLING!! WEBMASTERRRRR!

This is a test of the non-emergency whining system.
This was only a test. Ignore this and read on. And on. And on.

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