Serenade Part 14

“L-lennie.....Lennie, don’t leave me...I love you...I have always loved you...”she mumbled. 

“Honey, I’m right here,” he replied, holding her hand. “I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere. It’s ok.” 

“M-mastroanni...he’ll kill me...I was supposed to marry him...Daddy told me...I told Dad I loved someone else....Daddy understood....Sal didn’t ....Sal was angry...he beat me...I lost the baby....I broke it off, filed charges...never went to trial...Daddy was killed...before it went to trial...Sal wants me dead now...” 

Lennie sat there startled. She was pregnant BEFORE he met her? And she lost the baby. 
That damned Mastroanni, he thought, He killed a baby and almost killed her. He does want her dead. 

“Remember, Lennie...when they’re sedated, they don’t necessarily tell the truth. Talk to her medical doctor; she can give you the info.” Liz said. 

“Well, now we have an idea why Mastroanni wants her dead, and it’s not because of testifying...and, it also explains why he wants you dead too, his eyes, you took his woman away from him.” Mike explained. 

“Yeah...” Lennie said quietly. 

Cragen said, “Well, we have enough to recharge Mastroanni now. He tried to kill her twice and has a reason. His brother is an accomplice. I’m calling Stone.” 

Liz looked at Lennie and thought, Wow...what a way to challenge someone’s love. He is really in love with her and can’t fathom her being with another man, even if it was before he met her. I have my work cut out here, I think! 

5:00pm Anita’s doctor’s office 

“Yes, Detective, your wife had been pregnant before. She told me about it. She had a miscarriage almost a year ago. She identified the father as the man who beat her up.” 

“Did she say anything to you about why she broke the engagement off with him?” 

“No, not really. All she said was she had other plans. Nothing more.” 

“Thanks, Doc. I appreciate it.” With that, he left the office. 

A woman walked up to him. “ Detective Briscoe?” 

He was immediately on his guard. “Yes, can I help you?” 

She looked around. She looked vaguely familiar. “I’m Anita’s mother. I understand you are now my son-in-law?” 

Lennie gulped. He wasn’t sure how to react to this. “Uh, yes, Mrs. Scali. Due to the, uh, situation with your husband’s murder, we couldn’t contact you as to the wedding.” 

“How is my daughter?” she asked. 

“She’s fine, Mrs. Scali. We have a set of twins. Would you like to come and see them?” 

“I would, if that’s all right with you. I have some information to pass on also. May I come with you?” 

“Sure. I would be delighted. This way, please!” He felt like he was reliving talking to Anita the first time they met. 

As they rode in the car, Mrs. Scali explained that she had never felt a part of the Mafia, and actually didn’t want any part in it. “It was Carlo who got us involved, and Carlo died the way he wanted to. I never wanted any part of it, neither for me or my children. The kids were never involved, especially not Anita. When Carlo promised her to the Mastroannis, I knew there would be problems, so I made it a point in the contract promising them to each other that if either one decided to change their minds, they were free to do so. Obviously Salvatore didn’t like that. I know the old man didn’t. I have a copy of the contract, also.” 

“Mrs. Scali, do you have any idea why Anita broke off the engagement? She said he beat her up.” 

“Yeah, he sure did...took us months to get her healed up from that. I have the medical records from that also. The Italian community has something called a “signorina” who reads palms--sort of like a Gypsy.” 

“Like a psychic?” 

“Yeah. Anyway, our signorina came up to the hospital to visit Anita, and read her future. We were astonished to discover that Anita had already been promised long before her birth to someone named Leonard.” Mrs. Scali looked very closely at Lennie. “Gave a very specific description, too. It’s obvious you’re the one she’s looked for for a long time.” 

“You’re not angry then, Mrs. Scali?” Lennie asked anxiously. 

“Why? You’re the one the signorina predicted. She also predicted that a set of twins would be involved, and that the family would be healed. What that means, I don’t know.” 

Lennie knew. He knew very well what that meant. Billie, is this your way of coming back and healing the hurts? he thought. 

When they got to the apartment, Mrs. Scali walked immediately up to the boys and picked them up. “Let me guess, Leonard. Their names are Leonard and Michael, right?” 

“Yes, Mrs. Scali.” 

“It’s about time you stopped being so polite, son,” she replied. “I am Momma. Not Mrs. Scali. You are married to my daughter, so you are my son.” 

Just then Anita murmured, “M-momma? Are you here?” 

“Yes, I am, child,” Mrs. Scali replied. “I’m right here to help you. You need to get well. Leonard, I am taking the children for a walk: you tend to your wife. No one is going to kidnap your children or try and hurt them as long as I have them, I assure you.” 

“Yes, ma’am!” said Lennie with a grin. Anita looked up bleary-eyed, wondering. 

“What’s going on, Lennie?” she said. 

“Your mother picked me up, honey,” he replied grinning. “She came here of her own will. ‘Nita, why didn’t you tell me about the other pregnancy and Sal beating you up?” 

Will Lennie forgive and forget?. Serenade Part 15

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