Serenade Part 13

Lennie got on the phone and called Van Buren. “Cap’n? We have a serious breach of security here. There’s been two attempts on Anita’s life and I think someone within the department is leaking info to the Mob. Can you screen personnel for beefing up security here? I need people I can trust. Also, we’ve received a letter threatening my life, Anita’s, the boys and Mike and his wife also. Yeah, it’s a blackmail letter; if Anita doesn’t turn herself in, everyone she loves gets kaacked. She watches them die and then she gets killed. I’m not sure where the letter comes from or how they got the address here; no one’s given it out to my knowledge. I’ve got Dr. Olivet here, and she had to give Anita a shot to calm her down; the lady is just so frazzled she can’t think straight. Yeah, it’s mental torture to see her like this, but there’s nothing I can do! She’s torturing herself. I know, Cap’n, and I appreciate it. I don’t want anyone else involved; there’s too many people now. You can come help Olivet if you want to; she’s going to stay here while Mikey and I beat the street for info. I gotta find out who’s threatening her! I’m going to lose her if I don’t! Ok, Cap’n. Bye.” He hung up the phone. 

“OK, Liz. You’re staying here. My Captain’s coming over to help you take care of her. I’ve gotta call Mikey and get out on the street. Hold it....I need to make another call here.” 

He picked up the phone, and dialed the number for the Anti-Corruption task force. 
“Hello? Yeah, I need to speak with Cragen. This is Detective Lennie Briscoe. Yeah. Thanks. Hello, Don? Lennie. Listen...I have a big problem I need some help with. Yeah, the Scali murder again. Witness is being threatened with death of her family. Yeah, that means me too, Don, and Mikey. Yes, Mikey too. Can your boys help us out here? Witness has had two attempts on her life. I want to find the bastard. I need some guys for protection while I’m out on the street. Yeah, Van Buren’s coming over herself to watch Anita. I’ve got Olivet here because Anita’s on the verge of a breakdown. Yes, Don! It’s gotten that bad. 
The bastards even threatened to kill the twins. YES! Ok, thanks, Don. I knew I could rely on you. Meet me here at my apartment. Ok, Bye.” 

“Rallying the troops, Len?” Lennie turned to see Mikey standing in the door. 

“Yeah,” he replied, “And I’m sending some over to your place. Take a look at this.” He handed Mike the letter. 

“Just freakin’ wonderful,” Mike said after reading. “Katie could go freakin’ hysterical over this!” 

“I know,” Len replied quietly. “When ‘Nita saw the letter, she freaked badly. Liz here had to sedate her. Liz, can you keep her sedated as much as possible?” 

“Sure. She does need a lot of rest, anyway.” 

At that, Anita started moaning and whimpering. Lennie shook his head. 

“The bastards have invaded her dreams and violated them,” he said angrily. “I’m gonna wipe those jerks out of her mind and out of existence!” He clenched his hands and then grabbed his gun. 

“Hold it, Len!” Mike said, panicked. “You can’t go out there gunning for the Mob by yourself! That’s suicide!” 

“Lennie, your wife and kids need you,” added Liz. “You need help getting those guys. You need to regain objectivity!” 

The phone rang. Len picked it up. “Briscoe,” he said bitingly. 

“Never mind who this is,” the voice said. “The Mob’s not behind the attacks on your family. It’s not their job to hit a woman and children. The hit was ordered by the Mastroannis only. Not the Mob.” Click. 

“What was that all about?” asked Mike. 

“A tip,” replied Lennie. “Whoever it was, they said that it’s a personal thing, not Mob related. I think we should talk to Sal Mastroanni and his brother Tony.” 

2:00pm Len’s apartment 

“Ok,” said Cragen, “We have a witness to a murder, two attempts on said witness’s life, and an anonymous phone call saying it’s not the Mob. What else do we have, folks?” 

“We have a very upset, disturbed and frazzled witness,” said Liz. “Anita believes the “Mob” is out to kill her and her entire family.” Lennie shivered. “ Lennie, like it or not, you are part of that family. As I was saying, this belief has stretched the already tenuous hold she has on her psyche. She was already drained from giving birth to twins; this has just mentally drained her even more. She feels that she is the only one who needs to do something. She got herself and others involved--and in order to save their lives and the lives of her children, she has to turn herself in. Only then, she says, will everyone she cares about be safe.” 

“We also have two suspects, both related,” said Van Buren. “One is one Salvatore Mastroanni, already in prison for the murder of Carlo Scali--Anita’s father. The other is Antonio Mastroanni, Sal’s brother. Antonio claims that Sal told him to kill the Briscoes--saving Anita for last.” 

“And the phone call backs that up,” added Lennie. “The call I got said it was personal, not Mob-related.” 

“Makes sense to me,” said Mike as he played with the twins. “Anita was promised to Sal from birth. She had said she had “other plans”. The engagement was called off. Sal feels rejected, spurned. The promise broken by Anita caused Sal to kill Carlo: a totally angry act shown by how many times the victim was shot. Remember, Lennie?” 

“Yeah, I do,” Lennie said. “There were 18 shots to the head, 26 shots to the chest and 6 shots to the groin area. She never went into detail about why she broke it off with Sal Mastroanni. She just said she had ‘other plans’.” 

Just then, a groan was heard from the bedroom. Lennie rushed in to the bedroom with everyone else behind. Anita was lying there, tears rolling down her face. 

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