Serenade Part 12

At that point, Anita really broke down and cried. “Oh, think I’m beautiful? Really?” Wow, Lennie thought, She’s having a self-esteem breakdown! He stroked her hair. 

“Honey, from the very first time I saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful person in the world. As I got to know you, understand you, and love you, that perception grew. You ARE the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am so glad you chose me to love.” 

She sniffed. “I don’t feel particularly beautiful right now. I must look terrible! That man...Lennie, that guy is Mastroanni’s brother! He said he was going to kill me!” 

Lennie looked at her. “He said that? Honey, tell me exactly what happened, OK?” He sat back down and patted the seat. Anita sat down where he indicated and sniffed. She took a long breath and started talking. 

“I was sleeping. I was feeling totally rejected and out of place, and mad at you, so I laid down and fell asleep. I was almost totally out when I heard the bedroom window open. I kinda played asleep, until that jerk grabbed my hair. I thought he was going to pull it out of my head! He said his brother had sent him to kill me and the boys--that you were marked because you caused my betrayal and that I was already dead. Then he said he was going to drag me out onto the fire escape and throw me down. Make it look like suicide, he said. That’s when I started screaming, and he panicked because he knew at least you were in the other room. He told me I was one dead bitch. That’s when you came in. Oh, Lennie, if you hadn’t come in when you did...” 

“Honey,” Lennie replied, embracing her, “Don’t think about it. Don’t. I gave you my word that no one’s going to harm you, and I meant it. Both as a police detective and as your husband, no one’s going to get past me to get to you! I promise you on the heads of our boys.” He kissed her, sealing the promise. 

9:00am, November 22 

Lennie saw Olivet coming up the stairs; he was on his way to get the mail. 

“Hi, Liz. She is falling apart with this stuff! I can talk to her, get her to calm down, but she is just one frazzled lady.” 

“Ok. I’ll see what I can do. How are YOU holding up? Are the twins getting to you too?” 

“The twins aren’t really a problem, more of a challenge. It’s more along the lines of the trial, and last night some dork climbing through the window and tried to kill her. She’s basically falling apart. I thought seriously about calling Bellevue, but it’s not going to help her. I wish I could help her.” He looks very hurt, thought Liz. Like he’s lost his best friend. She must be going through hell to put him through the same thing. He loves her; that’s good. 

“Ok. I’ll check on her. You’re coming back, right?” 

“Yeah, I have to. She wants me there for moral support. I’ll be back in a few.” 

Liz went on upstairs, into the apartment. “Anita? It’s Dr. Olivet.” 

Anita looked up; she had been laying on the couch, watching the boys laying on the floor. 

“Hi, Doc. You haven’t seen these guys yet, have you?” 

“No,” she replied. “They’re cute! What did you name them?” 

Anita pointed first at one and then at the other. “That one’s Lennie Junior, and he’s Mikey. I named them after Len and Mike Logan. I thought that would be all right. Liz...the Mob has a hit out on all of us--me, Lennie, and the boys. I’m absolutely frightened to death that any time I walk out of this apartment, someone’s going to get hurt. I don’t even want Lennie to go down to the mailbox! After last night...I don’t feel safe anymore. I can’t sleep, eat or do anything I normally do; if I do, someone’s going to fire a bullet at me. Len has promised me that nothing’s going to happen to me, but if the Mob can strike even while he’s in the next room...” 

“Anita, I think you may be over-reacting. This was just one isolated incident; I don’t think it will be repeated,” Liz replied. 


“But nothing, Anita. DETECTIVE Briscoe has a solemn oath to protect and to serve the public. As your HUSBAND, he took a solemn oath to love and honor you. He will do anything to protect you. I don’t think you have a thing to worry about.” 

Anita thought, You just don’t understand. When the Mob puts a hit out on someone, they’re DEAD. There’s nothing anyone can do. Outwardly she said, “Doc, thanks a lot, but I disagree with you. I have a lot to worry about. Unless it’s proven to me otherwise, me and my family are in great danger. There’s been two attempts so far. How do I know there won’t be more? I trust Lennie with my life, and Mike too; I just don’t trust their co-workers. How do I know one of them wasn’t bought by the Mob?” 

Lennie came back into the room at that point; his face was white. “ ‘Nita...I have a letter for you to see. I’m not sure where it’s from.” He handed the letter to her. She opened it and immediately gasped. 

“Lennie, I have to turn myself into them. If I don’t, they’re going to kill my Mom. My entire family has been
marked--you, me, the boys, even Mother! They’ve also marked Mike and Katie. We’ve got to do something! If I don’t turn myself in--everyone’s dead. If I do, you may have a chance to live.” She went hysterical at that point. Liz was prepared, however; she administered a sedative. 

“Lennie, she’s going to sleep a while. I can stay here with her if you want to go and see about this threat,” she said. “I’ll watch the boys.” 

“Thanks, Liz, but I can’t ask you to help out with this! It’s too dangerous. We’ll tighten police security here.” 

“But that’s just the problem! She doesn’t trust anyone but you and Logan! Her statement was something along the lines of saying that someone was bought by the Mob. That’s likely because how else did they get your address? 

”She’s on a dangerous mental slide right now; as her doctor, I have to stay with her and get her out of it, or your boys won’t have a mother. I’ll put myself in harm’s way for a while.” 

Will Lennie find them before they find the Briscoes? Serenade Part 13

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