Serenade Part 8

(Thanks go to the L&O NetForum, for jumpstarting me, Joystar for the encouragement and the permission for "borrowing" her character Katie from "LoveSong", and the only person really responsible for this entire story...Jerry Orbach, for making the character Lennie Briscoe so believeable...This story is dedicated to him...Thank you, Mr. Orbach, for delighting us Orbachians every episode...)

“Mr. Briscoe, your wife’s in the recovery room. Congratulations--you have healthy identical twin boys!” 

Lennie fainted. Mike got him to a sitting position. “Len? You all right?” 

“Boys.” Lennie whispered. “It took me 3 marriages, but I now have sons!” 

“Len. Let’s go see Anita. OK?” 

“Ok, Mikey.” 

They walked into the recovery room. Lennie saw his beautiful ‘Nita holding two little bundles. 

“Leonard. Come meet your sons. On my right, we have Leonard William Briscoe, Jr. On my left is Michael Francis Briscoe. Boys, this is your Father. Say Hello.” On cue, Little Lennie started crying and Little Mikey joined him. Everyone started laughing. 

“What a birthday present!” Len said. 

Mike clapped him on the shoulder, tears in his eyes. “Happy birthday, Poppa!” 

“Thanks, partner. Now, would you all let me be alone with my family?” 

“In a minute, Len.” Mike walked over, kissed Anita on the cheek and gazed at his namesake. “God, Len. They sure are pretty babies. They take after their Mom.” 

Len stared at Anita. “Yeah,” he finally whispered. “They sure do.” 

“Come on, Katie-O. Let’s leave them alone.” 

Len sat on the bed. Anita handed him Lennie Junior. He gazed at both his sons. 
“Hi, fellas. This is your Dad speaking. We’ll get along great, you know?” 
He looked at Anita, tears filling his eyes, and caressed her cheek. 

“God, ‘Nita. I don’t know what to say. I don’t deserve this much happiness. Thank you, ‘Nita. Thank you.” With that, he started crying. Little Lennie and Mikey joined him. Anita laughed. 

“Listen, if anyone should cry, it should be ME! Is it OK if I tell you I don’t want any more kids?” 

Lennie laughed through the tears. “Whatever you want, my darling. I think we have our hands full right here.” His eyes softened and he caressed her cheek again. 

“I love you, ‘Nita,” he said. 

“I love you too, Lennie,” she replied. She looked up into those beautiful blue eyes, and just as before, the world flew away from them. 

6:00pm November 21 Leonard Briscoe’s very cramped apartment 

“Lennie,” asked Anita, “Would you please check Mikey’s diaper? I think he needs changing.” 

“Honey, Mikey’s diaper needed changing years ago and...” 

“Oh, don’t get smart. I meant your son!” Anita popped her head in from the kitchen. “You know, it would do you good to start helping with the boys...I can’t do it all myself, you know!” Great, thought Lennie, Post-partum depression is starting. Just the thing I need. 

“ ‘Nita, did you get the mail yet?” 

“No...did you?” 

“I’ll go get it, OK?” 

“Sure, but you gotta take Mikey with you. Little Len’s already went with me outside; it’s Mikey’s turn.” 

Wonderful...what did I get myself into? I swore I would never get married again, but...He looked at Anita in the kitchen and thought back to when they first met, in the squadroom. I haven’t heard anything about the trial yet, he thought. I wonder if they’ll need ‘Nita to testify again. I don’t want to subject her to that. I suppose I’ll have to call that goof Stone again and find out what the hell is going on! He walked, baby in arms, down to the mailboxes for the apartment building, got out the key, and opened the box. Bills, bills, junk mail, and...hmmm..what’s this? It was a letter addressed to Anita, but no return address on it. 

I wonder who she kept up with, he thought. Ah...I think I better call Mikey and have him check this out. I don’t like this at all... 

He managed to make it up 3 flights of stairs without dropping baby or mail. 

“So..what’s in the mail?” Anita said. 

“Nothing...just a bunch of bills...Honey, have you given this address out to anyone other than the hospital?” 

“No...I know better than that! Remember the gunshot in the kitchen window? I haven’t forgotten it....and still carry the scar from it!” 

“Well, honey, if you hadn’t distracted me, you wouldn’t HAVE a scar!” 

“Well, honey,” she replied caustically, “If YOU hadn’t distracted ME, we wouldn’t have 2 kids right now either!” 

“Ok, ok...come on, ‘Nita...come sit down. We gotta talk here.” 

What will they discuss? Serenade Part 9

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