Serenade: A L&O Love Story; Chapter Two

by Anita Pesola “Mikey!!!” Lennie said, shocked. “You’re not seriously thinking about settling down, are you?” “Well,” replied Mike, “Seeing how happy you two are has made me stop and think. Katie is the only lady who has given me that kind of happiness. Yeah, I’ve dated a lot of women. Even seriously considered a few. Lennie, you were the biggest influence regarding that!” “I was? How?” “Well, after the second one divorced you, you never stopped looking. Sure, you didn’t go out on dates with anyone, but you didn’t stop looking. Here’s your reward, Lennie: a beautiful woman, in YOUR bed, I might add, ready to marry you and bear your child. I need someone like that, and I think Katie is the one. She has her own mind, and I like that. However, she’s devoted to me--something I need. Now, the problem is, I have this reputation of being a ladies’ man, and I wonder how seriously Katie-O would take me if I did propose to her. “Mike,” said Anita, “ If she really loves you, nothing is going to stand in your way. Besides, I don’t see why she wouldn’t want to marry a sweet, good-looking guy like you.” Lennie just looked at her. Mike laughed. 3:00pm, 1 month later Doctor’s office The doctor examined Anita closely. Finally, she looked up and said, Mrs. Briscoe, I see you’re coming along very nicely. I have some results from your amnio--would you like to know?” “What sex it is? No. If it’s healthy--yes!” Anita replied. “Well...Mrs. Briscoe, from here on in, it’s total bed rest for you. You are expecting twins.” “Ahhhh....Are you sure, Doctor?” “Oh, yes. Two heartbeats, ultrasound shows two babies--definitely twins--and identical as well!” “Ummmm...Doctor, I think you had better be the one telling my husband--he won’t believe it or me!” “No problem. Nurse, would you ask Mr. Briscoe to come back? I have some news for him!” When Lennie was told, he sat down heavily. “I was afraid of this,” he said. “Lennie? You’re not happy?” Anita asked. He patted her hand. “Of course I’m happy--I’m very happy! But twins--the curse of the Briscoe family.” “Curse? Lennie--what ARE you talking about?” “Well,” Len said slowly, “I’m a twin. Twins run in the Briscoe line and have for hundreds of years. My brother, William, couldn’t handle it. “His graduation present to himself was to kill himself. He detested the fact that I even existed--he couldn’t share anything. The worst thing is, Billie was a really smart kid! All A’s in school, a promising future--all thrown away.” “Honey,” said Anita, “Just because your brother didn’t like being a twin doesn’t mean our children are cursed! You’ll see. We have to try hard--really hard--to make sure our kids are equally loved. Honey, as long as you and I show love and respect to each other and our kids, it’ll be all right! Really!” Lennie looked into her eyes. “I wish you didn’t have to bear this burden! I love you so much, ‘Nita.” “Well,” Anita said mischievously, “ The doctor said bed rest, so I think we better get home and start on it!” Oh, ‘Nita! You’re BAAAADDD!!!!” Len laughed. “That’s what got us into this in the first place!” She smiled wickedly. “I know. Shall we go, Papa?” “Papa. That sounds so good! Yeah, let’s go.” 10:30am, October 20th “Happy Birthday, Lennie!” Anita greeted him with a kiss. “The babies say it too. They’re really kicking up a storm in there!” “Really? Let me feel!” Len put his hand on her stomach just in time to feel a flurry of kicks. “Hmm,”he said. “I think our kids are in training to be ninjas!” Anita looked serious. “Len,” she finally said, “I’m not sure, but I think the water just broke.” She felt the bed. “Yep. Confirmed. You better get me to the hospital.” “ Oh, God. I’m calling an ambulance. I’m not trusting myself to drive!” He called 911. “My wife’s in labor--I’m a police detective and I need an ambulance NOW!!!” When the EMTs arrived, they also brought Mike and Katie. “How is she?” Mike asked. “She’s all right,” Lennie said nervously. “She’s about a month early, though. Please, God, let her be all right!” “Lennie, you’re not taking this too well. Come on, ride with me and Katie!” “NO! No, I’m sorry, but I HAVE to stay with her!” They made it to the hospital in record time, where Anita was immediately wheeled into the delivery room. Len started pacing. “Lennie,” Mike said, “For God’s sake, would you sit down? She’s going to be all right!” “Mikey! I forgot CIGARS!!!” Len said, panicked. “It’s all right, Lennie, I’ve got cigars! Sheesh...Katie-O, if I ever get this bad when you go into labor, have someone shoot me, would you?” “Mike,” Katie replied, “If you get that bad, I’ll just have the doctor anesthetize you rather than shoot you. You kinda want to stick around and see your child!” Mike smiled and squeezed her hand. Just then, the door to the delivery room opened and the doctor walked in.
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