Joy Ebel

Contact me: 1)Personal e-mail 2)Snail mail United States of America 3)Online answering machine

Well, you must have some interest in who I am
or else what are you doing here?

For those interested in the physical dimensions,
I'm 5'9" with brown hair and hazel eyes hidden in 
glasses with lenses thicker than coke bottle bottoms.
I am what most people describe as voluptiously athletic.
I am healthy and in-shape. I love swimming and skiing
and pretty much anything outdoors (that is when I'm not
glues indoors to a computer!). Other indoor activities
are reserved knowledge for a select few. RHAPAW LOFers!

For those interested in my MENSA approved brain, I
am the proud owner of a computer business which has
been in service for four years. I have an associates degree
in computer science and several certifications. 

I also play taxi for the remainder of my younger siblings.

For those interested in my geneology, yes, I am related
to the Ebels of the Ebel international watch company. 
Another branch is from my maternal grandmother, who is
the granddaughter of Lymon Frank Baum, writer of the 
delightful "Wizard of OZ" books. I personally feel that is 
why I'm such a good story-teller. Or manipulator of the 
facts, as my grandmother puts it. =8>O

For those interested in my recent family tree,
I have 3 brothers: almost 23, almost 21 and 14; and one 
sister, who is 16 going on 35. My mother is a full-time 
Catholic grade school principal who completed her
second master's degree in school admininstration and is now
an elementary school principal and recent webrat. 
My father died in September, 1995, of cancer. In the words
of Forrest Gump, "Thats all I have to say about that".

I can be reached by either e-mail, snail mail or new on-line answering machine. Drop a note where ever and I will still respond. Maybe a little slower by snail mail, though.

Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in me, Joy.

Some of my pages...

Ebel Enterprises: My own computer business. Up and running four years!
Leaper's Law and Order page: My site for my favorite tv show
The Law and Order Fanfiction Page: The compilation of the fanfiction for my favorite shows
Leaper's TV Land: Links and comments about the rest of my tv habits

People have discovered me times.