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About the company...

Ebel Enterprises was started in November, 1995.
We are a computer re-seller that offers complete
service and support for any make and model of home
or business computers.
We are headquartered in Sioux City, IA, but have 
clients throughout the United States.

The owner has 10 years work experience with: all of the
above types of computers, World Wide Web publishing and
personalized database programming as well as an 
associates degree in computer science.

The associates have 5 years experience with PCs
and WWW publishing and programming.

We are a young firm with an ever-expanding client base.
Our rates are based on the type of work/equipment needed
and how soon it is needed. We include travel expenses in
our fees. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Holidays of every persuasion included.

Contact us anytime of the day or night and
your request will be handled promptly. 
Thank you for visiting!

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