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Reasons why Hearts of Stone melt for Moriarty

  1. You wonder "If Debbie of the MMUUUHP were to take on the people running the official site, but the people from the official site were allowed to use nuclear weapons, how long would it take for Debbie to kick their...?"
  2. You say things like "Robert DeNiro? Sure he's ok, but if you'd watch "Bang the Drum Slowly" you'd know The Truth...
  3. You make conversational references to "His blue-eyednes".
  4. Your friends know who you mean.
  5. You drag friends to see "Winter Rain".
  6. You defend his actions to starngers who say the same things you did when you heard about them.
  7. Your favorite threat is to promise someone some "Evil Dreams"...
  8. When you walk into the local video store the attendant greets you with "It's Winter Rain girl!"
  9. You start to refer to Sam Waterston, whom you previously admired, as 'Sweater Man'.
  10. You plan to one day send a personal letter of thanks to all of MM's directors for shooting Michael Moriarty without SHOOTING Michael Moriarty.
  11. You have a major on-going row with your friends who get your goat by using the term 'balding' (liars).
  12. You've bookmarked not only the MMUUUHP, but also the "Official" site.
  13. You develop a mantra to recite when faced with new quotes ("Winter Rain...Winter Rain...Winter Rain...").
  14. Your dormroom door/bedroom wall/cubical wall has that picture of MM as Ben Stone with eyes that follow you.
  15. Your friends agree and are now afraid of this picture.
  16. You dream of performing a Rocky Horror like operation to remove MM's current disposition and psyche and replace them with that of Ben Stone's.
  17. You start a slightly obsessive web page.
  18. You find a way to work Law and Order into conversations with strangers in the search for other fans.
  19. Reading glasses become a turn-on...
  20. "Sure Logan is sexy, but Ben Stone whoaaaa...."

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