I don't know if anyone else has come up with one of these, and I don't much care if they have. Rules are, each participant selects one or more characters and imbibes whenever one of their personal quirks appears in an episode, or whenever one of the appropriate group or miscellaneous events occurs. The likelihood of a given event occurring is in inverse proportion to the number of drinks taken. This game can be played with all episodes, network and rerun. Thanks to Alan Sepinwall for coming up with the game format. Here we go.

Det. Mike Logan: Blows up at someone-two drinks Testifies in court-two drinks Has hair neatly combed-two drinks Does not-one drink Does NOT wear American flag pin on jacket lapel-four drinks Refers to Cerreta as "Big Daddy"-two drinks Tells a story from his horrific childhood-drink until scene is over to numb yourself Reference is made to his busy love life-three drinks Patrolman Logan pulls over the vacationing Rey Curtis for a minor traffic infraction and proceeds to "tune him up"-chug Sgt. Max Greevey: Complains about physical strain of job, home life, or something in that vein-one drink Tells one of his cop stories and brings narrative to grinding halt-one drink Tries to charm people into doing what he wants-one drink Plays "good cop" to Logan's "bad cop"-two drinks Complains about the state of the world today-two drinks Sgt. Phil Cerreta: Interrupts an investigation to procure food-one drink Wears astrakhan(ugly hat with earflaps)-two drinks Goes easy on witness in questioning-two drinks Plays "good cop" to Logan's "bad cop"-two drinks Det. Lennie Briscoe: Has hair immaculately in place-one drink per scene Rolls eyes at some piece of banal stupidity-one drink and you're off the hook for the rest of the episode Makes wry, bitter reference to his alcoholism-two drinks To either of his broken marriages-one drink To his state of relative poverty-two drinks Explains how he doesn't like to take chances-two drinks Plays "bad cop" to Logan's "bad cop"-two drinks Is seen wearing short-sleeved shirt-three drinks Det. Rey Curtis Smiles broadly-one drink Assaults a suspect for a racial slur-two drinks Assaults a suspect for any other reason-one drink Charms female witness-two drinks Makes reference to wife/family-one drink Performs David Caruso Head Tilt in attempt to look tough-one drink Has a bad haircut-one drink per scene Capt. Donald Cragen: Answers phone with "What!"-two drinks Is weighed down by public, press, superiors, general stress, etc.-one drink Acts caring and solicitous towards officers-two drinks Mentions one of his likely girlfriends(Lola,Trixie,Bambi)-2 drinks Is shown outside his office-three drinks Is shown outside squadroom-chug Lt. Anita Van Buren: Acts testy-one drink Acts patient but harried-two drinks Acts sweet-chug Laments being a woman in the Department-two drinks Talks about her family-two drinks Glares at Rey-one drink per scene Wears ugly blouse(your discretion)-two drinks EADA Ben Stone: Calls someone "Sir"-one drink Stonewalls on a plea agreement("Man Two-and he does the full time")-two drinks Dispassionately uses the power of his office to force someone to testify against a loved one/co-conspirator-two drinks Displays personal feelings towards a case-three drinks Wears reading glasses-two drinks Wears cardigan-two drinks Wears reading glasses and cardigan-two drinks Sits at his desk-two drinks Wears reading glasses and cardigan while sitting at his desk-let it go Gives brilliant, hash-saving closing argument-two drinks Has conference with defendant and defense lawyer in his office-two drinks Pleads that a case should be prosecuted("Aaaaaaaaadam")-two drinks ADA Paul Robinette: Wears a suit that clashes with Stone's-one drink Knits brow in concentration-one drink Makes a bail recommendation in excess of six figures-two drinks Puts hand on chin-one drink Uncovers obscure aspect of tort law that saves the day-two drinks Somebody brings up the fact that he's black-three drinks ADA Claire Kincaid: Wears a blouse with a collar-two drinks Has to wheedle a search warrant out of a judge-two drinks Makes a smart remark to the detectives-three drinks Wears hair up-two drinks Has stringy hair-three drinks Smirks at somebody-refrain from drinking and sigh longingly Disagrees with Ben or Jack-three drinks Makes an argument in court-chug Hauls off and has sex with Jack on the desk-chug Very good! I'd add a few more, which I will now list in no particular order: Briscoe mentions horse racing: two drinks. Rey speaks Spanish: two drinks. Adam pauses in the middle of a sentence, Shatner-style, to catch his breath: three drinks. A geek operates a computer that behaves in a wildly unrealistic manner (beeps when it pulls up a perp's record, operator types a lot but never uses mouse, operator only has to type three keystrokes to pull up all files on Malagasy arms merchants who favor 9mm automatics that eject to the left, etc.): three drinks. Someone has a ridiculously abrupt phone conversatation; ie: their side of it goes like this: "Yeah? Uh-huh. Uh-huh." Then they hang up without saying goodbye: two drinks. A taped phone conversation sounds like Dolby Surround Sound, instead of sounding like staticky crap, the way they really do: three drinks. The DA threatens a suspect not with mere prison, but with Attica: three drinks. The DA threatens someone with the death penalty: chug. Cops go on a stakeout: three drinks. One or more of the DA's joins them on the stakeout: four drinks. We see the inside of one of the regulars' homes: chug. Arraignment judge makes sarcastic remark: one drink. A jury deadlocks: four drinks. McCoy drinks scotch: two drinks. McCoy drinks anything BUT scotch: chug. There's a shooting in the courthouse: four drinks. Somebody tosses car keys: three drinks. Briscoe calls somebody "pal": one drink. Stone leans foward and lowers voice: two drinks. A stuck-up rich kid gets busted: two drinks. Cragan feigns disbelief: two drinks. We see the COTW when he/she is still alive: chug. A witness cuts down the defense attorney with a smartass reponse: four drinks. A juror (besides the forperson giving the verdict) speaks: chug. DA gets in somebody's face on the courtoom steps: three drinks. EADA Jack McCoy: Boasts to a criminal/defense lawyer about how easily he can get a conviction-one drink Pulls a prosecutorial stunt that will get him in toruble if it fails-two drinks Said stunt works-two drinks His vocal inflection changes in mid-sentence-one drink per scene Puts on look of mock surprise when someone tries to run a line of bullshit past him-two drinks Gets angry with a witness on the stand-two drinks Someone mentions his propensity to get invoved with his female assistants-three drinks Wears his ancient army surplus coat-two drinks Leaves the office at night carrying his motorcycle helmet-two drinks ADA Jamie Ross: Is snippy with suspects-one drink Is wearing a blouse with a collar the size of a hangglider-two drinks Is sexually harrassed-two drinks Tilts her head to the side in a manner that is meant to imply disbelief-one drink Displays impatience with Jack's ego-two drinks Becomes annoyed with a defense lawyer-one drink Hauls off and has sex with Jack on the desk-chug DA Adam Schiff: Wears his Tyrolean hat-three drinks Advises his assistants while sitting down-two drinks Advises his assistants while sitting down and eating at the same time-three drinks Grunts in disapproval-one drink the first time he does it in an episode, one more drink for each time thereafter Tells his assistants to take a plea because he doubts they can win in open court-one drink Because of political concerns-two drinks Because he is in a bad mood-three drinks Expresses disdain with Ben's/Jack's sloppy case-one drink Runs political interference to push a prosecution forward-four drinks Hauls off and has sex with Jack on the desk-Drive the bus! Cops: Crack wise while standing over the COTW(Corpse Of The Week)-one drink Recite Miranda to a suspect-one drink Swagger into a building and pick up a suspect in the middle of a meal/appointment/phone call-one drink per arrest Find the COTW's wallet/purse to be full of money and thereby rule out robbery-two drinks Show up at all past the half-hour mark-three drinks DAs: Lose a case-five drinks Come up with cute little epigram at the end of an pisode-two drinks Learn something so disquieting that they completely space out on the epigram-three drinks Get a crucial piece of evidence/testimony disallowed by a judge-two drinks Actually ream one of the cops for the procedural error that made it disallowable-five drinks A judge threatens Ben with contempt-four drinks A judge threatens Jack with contempt-two drinks Paul/Claire/Jamie makes an argument in court-six drinks Discover that someone other than the suspect they picked up has a strong circumstantial likelihood of having done the crime, and go hell bent for leather after whoever that is-three drinks Claire/Jamie interviews a witness and doesn't blink even once-one drink Miscellaneous: COTW (Corpse Of The Week) is found by two beat cops-two drinks COTW is someone involved in city government-four drinks COTW is the victim of a nice, tidy robbery/drug homicide-chug A judge refers to it as "my courtroom"-two drinks Paul Hecht guest-stars as an antagonistic character-four drinks Interstitial gong sounds-one drink Quasi-recurring character(ex. Dr. Olivet, Asst. ME Rodgers, Shambala Green, Profaci)appears-three drinks Character proceeds to mouth off to one of the regulars-three drinks Anyone says "Come on!", "So?", or "So what?"-one drink A male regular wears an ugly tie(your discretion)-one drink (I guess we're in trouble with that pink one Mike's got, huh? ::grinz::)

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