It won't be complete until Mike comes back (Knock on wood!)
and maybe not even then. See how long it takes you to find something new!
Use an ordinary domestic beer (USA or Canadian)... Think what Mike would like! Habits Mike chews gum - 1 drink buys gum - go get gum and follow suit chews a toothpick - try and guess the flavor! chews his thumbnail - 1 bites his lip - 1 is NOT wearing a sports jacket with the lapel pin - 2 the leather jacket - 2 is wearing an undercover disguise - 3 the blue sweater combination - 2 the black leather jacket - 2 calls Phil "Big Daddy" makes any kind of wise-ass remark - 1/2 (any more and you'll be dead) wipes his fingers across his upper lip (yes Hollie!) - 1 runs his hand through his hair - 2 has the 'bad' (season 5) hair - 2 does the "power pyramid" gesture with his hands - 1 Logan and a partner stop for food in a restaurant - 2 grab food off the street - 1 (and stop for a waterdog yourself) use a public or office phone together - 2 make a bet - 2 ; Mike wins the bet - take 3 argue over a case/perp/witness/stance - 3 Logan uses a payphone - 1 (extra drink for NYCers if they know exactly where the phone is!) the office phone - 1 the vending machine - 2 his gun - 4 his left hand for something (behave!) - 1 The Job Mike deals with a child - 2 pulls a gun on a perp - 1 roughs up a perp or witness - 1 shows his badge - 1 mentions any part of his badge number - 2 gets teased or slammed about his sex/social life - 1 smiles - 2 rolls up his sleeves in the office - 2 loosens his tie - 1 doesn't interrogate a suspect at all - 3 plays the 'good' cop with Max or Phil - 2 calls VanBuren Anita or L-T - 2 calls Cragen Don or Cap - 2 is in full uniform - 3 runs after a suspect or perp - 1 flirts with a lawyer - 3 gets slammed by a female - 3 arrests a friend or fellow (or former) cop - 4 Family Logan mentions one of his girlfriends - 1 (take 2 more if by name) We see one of the girlfriends - 3 Mike mentions his mother - 2 his father - 3 his childhood - 1 his childhood abuse - 3 being Catholic (disavowed) - 2 Catholic schools - 2 his brother the priest - 3 his other family members - 2 Actors and Various Repeating Characters Michael Noth appears as the court clerk - 2 Michael Noth appears as a reporter - 1 You spot this before the credits - extra drink Other Cops We see Profaci steal Mike's dinner - 2 We see Mike feel Profaci's leg - 2 We see Mike get teased by a partner or Profaci - 1 any other cop - 2 Forensics Mike harasses Rodgers (the asst. ME) - 1 Schrier (the ballastics red-head) - 1 mouths off to the other forensic guy - 2 looks in the microscope - 2 The Order Mike sees Liz - 1 flirts with Liz - coffee check flirts with Claire - How many fingers am I holding up?! goes to one of the DAs offices - 2 gets chewed out by Stone - 1 McCoy - 2 Kincaid - Are you still conscious? testifys in court - 1 testifys against a friend or fellow (or former) cop - 3 and Adam are in the same room - 2 and Adam are together and its NOT a press conference - 4 Please note that this game is in progress and while I have many more wonderful additions to add, time is a factor to putting them online. However, I always welcome new additions (or comments) of any kind. Please take the time to add yours! Thank you.
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