Thanks to KC for starting this and to the rest of the NF for adding such creativity!

Why should the AOL chaters have all the fun?! (Uh, use a little common sense if you actually try this!)

Chumby admonishes a flamer: 1 shot vodka 
Someone is flamed for insulting Logan: double vodka 
Someone is suicidal enough to insult Logan: 2 bourbons- straight up 
OJ is mentioneed: a highball 
OJ is defended: 2 highballs 
OJ is defended by someone other than Olga: Many highballs! 
Plaid ties are mentioned: 1 wet martini 
Plaid ties are "turn on": 1 dry martini 
Someone mentions how much we miss Moosie1: 1 shooter 
Someone mentions how much we miss Dodger: 7 yr. old scotch time! 
Someone mentions how much we miss MrPhelps: 1 smack upside the head!
Someone mentions how much we miss ARTHURGOLD: Coffee -now!
Someone comments on the sexiness of 
 Logan: don't even bother (you'll be drunk in 10 mins.) 
 Briscoe: A glass of Greek wine 
 McCoy: anything volitile 
 Stone: one long island iced tea 
 Claire: double shooter 
 Ross: cherry wine cooler
 Ceretta: anything Italian 
 Curtis: a crock of everclear
 Schiff: BLACK COFFEE!!! 
Kay mentions Profaci: anything that goes with bagels
Maris talks of finding own McCoy: 1 beer 
Maris mentions a part of SW's anatomy: also 1 beer 
Loganeer mentions the CN clones in the chatroom: shot of water (you know where) 
Someone trashes Rey: one jello shot 
Someone trashes Dick: 1 non-alcoholic beer (anything tougher and you'll be dead) 
Someone trashes Noth: toast their (former) life 
Laura uses :-D in her post: a simple scotch  
"Asylum" is mentioned by anyone other than LilLemonhead: anything with a slice of lemon
Another L&O web page is started: shot of Mountain Dew
Someone gets a response from MM or JO: shot of JB, neat
Someone gets a response from CN or JH: pink squirrel
MM or SW or JO Fantasy: a concotion of 'Sex on the Beach' 
CN Fantasy: a concotion of 'Slow screw up the side of a wall'
Robinette reappearing: a smooth whiskey.
Cragen reappearing: a wine cooler
Jack being shipped out: 3 martinis in a row (to make up for the 3 seasons Hearts of Stone have had
to suffer him).
Curtis showing that he can act: two bloody marys and a couple of 'hail marys' thrown in for good measure.
MM or CN returning or showing up on Homicide: a bottle of Dom Perignon 
Napolean and Kenn Kong lament on their lost JH: weak imported beer
Joystar mentions  Logan's eyes.  1 shot of Bushmill's Irish
Joystar finishes next installment.  1 bottle of Bushmill's Irish
A chat is started: Jello shot 
A chat attracks more than the 5 regulars: Numerous jello shots! 
JThomas burns McCoy: tequilla (only 1)! 
Anyone writes "Clear as a bell": 2 vodka shots 
A fantasy is posted: 1 wine cooler 
Someone were suicidal to insult Logan: two shots of 
tequila, mixed with hot sauce.
Paul is in someone's fantasy: Margarita time! 
Ross is in someone's fantasy: call Hard Copy!
McCoy is called "tough": screwdriver 
McCoy is called "arrogent": a light wine cooler 
Anyone mentions our feelings for Dick: 1 very frozen daiquiri 
Consta defends Jack: a light wine cooler 
Josh writes in lowercase: Very dry martini 
Homicide is mentioned: 1 scotch on the rocks 
Homicide is called "better": anything stiff 
Last season's writing is mentioned: Many of anything stiff! 
NY Undercover is called "better": do not even dignify with a response 
KennKong gives computer tips: an easy shooter 
Ben'sgirl posts without an exclamation point: Chivas Regal 
DeBBiEW mentions SW is sexy: 2 of whatever she's having! 
NF women stick together: girl's night out 
Laura is sarcastic: screwdriver 
Laura calmes a flamer: a soothing shooter (toasting her) 
LenniesLady mentions JO and broadway: a double rum and coke
Two (or more) women get into a "fight" over who gets Logan: 1 Shot of Jack Daniels (Black Label!) and a slab of raw steak for the loser's black eye! 
brattbabe defends rey: a weak rye whisky
Joystar keeps the flame and goes after DW.  An asbestos coverall and 1 case of Bushmill's Irish 
ChiChris takes over for Leaper in the chatroom: 1 shot of raisenettes
ChiChris puts the chatrooom is hysterics with new screen captures: 1 purple haze
DrTooth mentions any movie of SW's that more than 10 people saw: a drink of whatever James Waterston is having
Anyone uses term "Sir": 3 normal beers 
Somone claims to watch "just for the plot": scotch and gin 
A woman claims to watch "just for the plot": Bourbons all around (and hide that smirk)! 
Someone remembers the actual case an episode was based on: a red zebra
Sexual innuendo: 1 Coors 
Sexual innuendo not involving Logan: Chug the Coors! 
Sexual innuendo involving Briscoe: Italian Wine 
Sexual innuendo involving McCoy: something at the local bar and look wounded 
Sexual innuendo involving Claire: 1 blue nun (for her morals) 
Sexual innuendo involving Ben: Somthing tall and stiff alone in an apartment looking forelorn 
Ben'sgirl mentions she has no cable: 1 jello shot 
Holliday, Korillian, or Isadora mention Canada and the CN tower: a glass of canadian water
Either Ben'sgirl claims McCoy is sexier than Stone or DrTooth claims Stone is sexier than McCoy:: STOP DRINKING!! YOU'VE HAD TOO MUCH!!!! 
You notice we seem to have a lot of free time: START OVER, YOU'RE NOT DRUNK ENOUGH!! 

Coming Soon: The ALL-Logan Drinking Game and the character reference drinking game.

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