It won't be complete until the show folds (Knock on wood!) and
maybe not even then. See how long it takes you to find something new! 

Start with an ordinary domestic beer (USA or Canadian)... The Law Habits Mike or Rey chews gum - 1 drink " " buys gum - go get gum and follow suit " " chews a toothpick - 2 Lennie chews a toothpick - try to guess the flavor! Briscoe or Cerreta and Logan stop for food in a restaurant - 2 Briscoe or Cerreta mention food only - 1 Greevey or Cerreta or Briscoe and Logan grab food off the street - 1 (and stop for a waterdog yourself) Greevey, Cerreta, Briscoe or Logan or Curtis use a payphone - 1 " " " " " " together - 2 (extra drink for NYCers if they know exactly where) " " " " " " the office phone - 1 " " " " " " together - 2 Rey uses or mentions his cell phone - 1 Cragen answers the phone "What?!" - 2 Van Buren mentions her article-clipping hobby -2 Family Curtis mentions his wife or kids - 1 " " " " by name - 2 We see Curtis' wife and girls - 3 Greevey mentions his wife or girls - 2 We see Max's wife - 2 Cerreta mentions his wife or kids - 3 We see Phil's wife - 2 Briscoe mentions one of his ex-wives or his girls - 2 We see one of the daughters - 3 Briscoe mentions one of his girlfriends - 3 We see one of the girlfriends (former) -2 Logan mentions one of his girlfriends - 1 " " " by name - 2 We see one of the girlfriends - 3 VanBuren mentions her family - 2 We see VanBuren's husband or boys - 3 Time to switch to a cheap brandy... Actors and Various Repeating Characters One of the cast member's brothers or sons in in the episode - 2 drinks each You know them by sight or name - 3 drinks each One of the crew makes a cameo - 2 drinks each You spot them before the credits - 3 drinks each Other Cops We see Profaci - 1 (if that is all we see) We see Profaci eating or with food - 1 We see Profaci steal Mike's dinner - 2 Profaci mentions his wife or kids - 2 We see Profaci with evidence - 1 We see Profaci outside the office - 2 Profaci has a sweater vest on - 1 We see Profaci undercover - 4 We see Gia - 1 (if that is all we see) We see Gia with evidence - 2 Forensics Rodgers (the asst. ME) is outside of the autopsy suite - 2 is in a good mood - 4 complains about the body or the evidence - 1 makes a comeback to Cerreta, Logan or Briscoe - 1 testifys in court - 2 Schrier (the ballastics red-head) is not in one of the offices - 2 shoots a gun - 1 looks under a microscope - 2 complains to Briscoe, Logan, Cerreta or Curtis - 1 testifys in court - 1 (the forensics expert) is in a car - 2 has a beard - 1 has a mustache - 1 is clean-shaven - 2 looks under a microscope - 1 testifys in court - 2 Please note that this game is in progress and while I have many more wonderful additions to add, time is a factor to putting them online. However, I always welcome new additions (or comments) of any kind. Please take the time to add yours! Thank you.

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