by Sally Stark

******************************************************************* Author Notes Many thanks to LenniesLady for loaning me her wonderful Anita Briscoe to be Kate's Matron of Honour., and again, thanks to CN, who gave me Mike, and Melissa Leo, from H:LOTS, who was my inspiration for Kate. *******************************************************************

AUGUST 20th, 12 noon 

The college chapel at Fordham was cool and quiet as Mike waited 
in the Vestry with his groomsmen. Best Men Lennie Briscoe and 
Ben Stone. Johnny Profaci from the 2-7, and Mike's oldest brother
Frank from the Fire Department. Paul Robinette and Jack McCoy 
from the DA's office rounded out the party. 

Lennie looked over at his partner. Mike was getting antsier by
the minute, and if there were one thing Lennie knew...when Logan
started running a finger inside his collar, he was getting ready
to bolt. Hopefully, the combined efforts of the wedding party
would calm him down. 

"Mikey--you getting cold feet?', Lennie asked. "No, not about Kate
or marriage or anything. It's
"weddings" I can't stand. Lennie, I haven't been in a church in 25
years--what if the roof falls in?" 

"Mike...No sweat. We'll get you up there, and Ben's got the ring. 
Don't worry. When you see Kathleen---the rest of us won't even be
there. OK, now?" 

"OK, partner, Let's go." 

As the men waited by the altar, Mike stole surrepetitious glances
at the congregation. "Jeeze", he thought, "they all made it, even
Donnie and Marj Cragen from Los Angeles." Marie Greevey, widow of
his first partner, Max, was there with the Cerrettas, and his boss,
Lt. Anita Van Buren turned out with what looked like the whole
precinct! Even Adam and Rebekah Schiff had returned from Jamaica. 

Suddenly his attention was distracted by the soft strains of 
Debussy, as the wedding march started. One by one the bridesmaids
passed. The church was aglow with soft colour as Kate's friends
glided by. Each girl was wearing a light dress in the tartan of
her mother's family. His sister-in-law, Ruth, in the cheerful 
"Fitzgerald". Claire Kincaid went by wearing Clan McDonald.
Shirley Profaci and Elizabeth Olivet, having no clans of their own,
wore the subtle McManus, as friends of the bride. Suddenly, there
was Corinne. As elder sister of the Bride, she proudly wore the
plaid of Clan O'Rourke. As second Matron of Honour, Anita Briscoe
wore the plaid of Lennie's Irish mother. That of Clan Kelly. 

Suddenly Mike was aware of someone floating up the aisle. It looked
like Kate, but not as he had ever seen her. She wore a dress of the
softest summer lawn, and pinned to her right shoulder she wore the
rich, mellow plaid of Clan Logan. Her red curls held a wreath of 
baby's breath to match her bouquet. 

To this day, if you ask Mike, all he can remember is Kate's father
placing her hand in his, and the voice of his brother, Brendan,
reading the words of the marriage ceremony. It was just as Lennie
had said. There *were* only two people there. 

Then it was over. Father Brendan pronounced the blessing, and 
introduced "Mr. and Mrs. Michael Logan" to the guests. 

The rest of the day passed in a dream. Ben had called in some favours
and taken over PJ O'Rourke's Tavern for the reception. With "Big
Band" music at one end and a rock band at the other, all the bases
were covered. A *very* good time was had by all. The Bride and Groom
joined Lennie in a lively jitterbug to "IN THE MOOD," and Ben Stone
surprised everyone by fast dancing to Eric Clapton with Claire Kincaid. 

When the band broke into an enthusiastic Irish Jig, Kate decided to
call it a night and throw her bouquet. With the unerring accuracy
of Whitey Ford, she aimed directly for Liz Olivet, and the party began
to disperse. 

"Honey, how do we get out of here", Mike said. "Easy, Darlin'... 
Corinne and I planned an escape route when we picked this place. 
Our stuff is upstairs, and Ben's got your car parked behind the

After half an hour, the newlyweds slipped out the back way and into
a blizzard of rice and rosepetals, kisses and hugs, blessings and
mitzvahs. By the time they got to the car, (and removed various 
boots and tin cans left by Profaci and Ben), Kathleen was as red
as a poppy, and even Mike had lost the celebrated Logan "cool". 

"So much for your sister, Mike grinned, no one knows where we're
going, do they?" "I only told Liz," Kate said, "and *she* won't tell." 

After driving a very circuitous rout, the Logans finally arrived
back at the old brownstone, and Mike's loft. "Welcome Home, Mrs.
Logan," Mike whispered, as he lifted her over the threshhold.
It was almost 3 in the morning, and the last thing he wanted to
do was wake the neighbours. 

As they entered the flat, the first thing they noticed was a
tiny wedding cake and a bottle of sparkling cider. Beside the
glasses were two little lace packets of Jordan almonds. Kate
blushed furiously. "Relax, Honey..It was only Lennie. He brought
everything over when he picked me up." 

"I don't mind Lennie--but this little *surprise* of Anita's
...we've got to find a place to hide these things, " Kate said,
holding one of the lace packets. 

Mike leered. "How about under the mattress?" 

"MICHAEL!!! please---Give me a chance to be a bride before
I'm a mother. Besides, I don't want to share you just yet---" 

As they collapsed on the sofa, Eleanor, sensing that her
"people" were home, crawled into Kate's lap and fell asleep.
Kate was next. Mike kissed her on the nose and whispered,
"Good night, my love", as he fell asleep himself... ... 

FINIS(for this story!)

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