SummerSong-Pretty Woman

by Sally Stark

******************************************************************* Author Notes This is dedicated, as always, to the "Leather Coat Crowd" , (we know who we are) To my dear Partner, Lennie'sLady, for her loan of Anita, Anita's mom, Maria Scali, and The Signorina. To Isadora, Gaelin, Sleepless, Adrienne, LadyV, Chumby, Mare and Olga. "Sweet Dreams...Baby", to all of you. To the memory of the great Roy Orbison, who makes *me* want to growl in somebody's ear ...and, to CN. *******************************************************************

Saturday, June 10th - 8:00am 

Mike stretched as he rolled over to turn off the alarm. Even after 
4 months of enforced "down-time", he still couldn't get used to 
sleeping this late. 

A lot had happened in those 4 months since the shooting. Kate 
was pregnant, and anxiously awaiting the end of the morning 
sickness that everyone told her would soon be over. There had 
also been changes at the Briscoes. Lennie had become the 
father of a tiny, feisty baby girl named Maxie. Kate would watch 
with amazement as her huge bear of a husband handled the 
tiny bundle of TNT. "Gosh", she thought, "I can't wait to see 
him with *ours*". 

Kate chuckled inwardly at the thought. Right now, she had 
everything she had ever wanted in life. A husband, a home and 
a soon to be baby. She'd almost lost the husband, but God had 
intervened, and she wasn't going to let him out of her sight. 

Mike took a quick look at himself as he shaved, and thought 
"Not bad." True, the surgical scars *did* make a difference, but 
he had lost the 10 pounds that Kate had teased about. That 
was a bonus, considering he couldn't work out. 

Suddenly he felt two arms and a soft kiss on the exit scar on 
his back. "Don't ever leave me", she whispered. 

"Kathleen McManus", he growled, "if you start the waterworks, I'll 
go back to having breakfast with Profaci!" 

Kate smiled. "It was tears of gratitude, Logan. You're all right. 
All the rest of this---it doesn't matter---you're HERE, and we'll 
never let you go.... She kissed him again as she led him back 
to bed. "Oh, the HELL with the laundry.", he thought, as he closed
his eyes. 

3 hours later 11:00am 

Two drowsy people were roused by the obnoxious buzz of an 
intercom. "SHEESH!..,It's Lennie." Mike grabbed the receiver, 
"What?" The mellow tones of his partner Lennie Briscoe filled 
his ear. "Did I interrupt something?" Mike grinned at Kate, who 
stuck her tongue out at him. "Yeah, might say that--- 
Can you give me Ten?" 

"Ok - But HURRY. Phil's outside with the van, and we still have 
three pickups..." Mike grabbed his clothes and headed for the 
bathroom, while Kate started shoving things into the closet. 
The Logans lived a pretty laid back life, but when "battle stations" 
struck, Kate could maneuver like Grant taking Richmond... 

Today was the day of Kate's "Stork Shower", and none of the 
men wanted to be within 5 miles of a full blown "Hen Party". 
The guys were all off to Yankee Stadium for a double header, and 
the wives were all going to Marie Greevey's comfortable old 
house. Having raised three children and several grandkids, Marie 
had decided that her place was the only one durable enough for the
5 rambunctious children who were coming along. 17 year old Jody 
Greevey would be doing the sitting. 

"Hey, Ma," she said, "I forgot---who's the shower for again?" 

Marie replied: You remember Dad's old partner, Mike Logan? 
It's for his wife, Kate." 

"Mike?...Wow! I'll say I remember him." Jody blushed. "He used 
to keep me up at night... ..." 

"MARY JOSEPHINE GREEVEY... ... I'm glad your father isn't around
to hear you say that! He'd spank you silly." Marie was caught 
between astonishment at her daughter's frankness and a wry 
appreciation of the girl's excellent taste. 

Jody laughed. "Oh, Ma. Daddy knew all about it! He said Mike 
was like flypaper. All the girls liked him. He said that dreams were 
sweet as long as they stayed dreams, and to save them to look 
back on. He also told me that if I even *blinked* funny, I'd be in 
the convent so fast my head would spin." 

The Greevey ladies smiled at the happy memories as they set 
out the buffet. 

Suddenly the air was alive with car horns and kids---The guests 
were arriving. 

On The Road 11:30am 

In the van, Adam and Ben were "discussing" the merits of the 
pennant race in the American League East. Adam favoured 
the Yankees, and Ben, playing the "Devil's Advocate", extolled 
the virtues of the Baltimore Orioles. Paul Robinette and Jack 
McCoy, being Mets fans, kept their mouths shut and ran 
interference. In the middle, Profaci, Lennie and Don were arguing 
the merits of their respective mothers in laws cooking, (Greek, 
Italian and Irish". Phil was humming the service music for 
Sunday Mass, and Mike was driving. 

Ah, yes....Mike was driving. It's not that he was a bad driver...he 
was very good. Unfortunately, he was like most New Yorkers in 
that he had developed certain driving tactics that were *not* 
traditional. Phil still remembered a few chases from the old days 
that made his hair stand on end. Hitting pot holes at 65mph was 
not his idea of fun. "Mikey...for Chrissakes slow down!!" Ceretta
was gripping the arm rests. "Lennie, how do you stand it?" Lennie
looked at Phil with sympathy. "Prayer, my friend....just PRAYER!" 

Suddenly, as if on cue...A siren blared on the driver's side. 

The van erupted..."Logan, you got us grabbed for 
speeding." Way to go, partner.." "Cripes...a "brownie".etc. etc. 
(author's note: a brownie is an inexperienced rookie patrolman, 
usually young, assigned to traffic duty) 

The officer got out his notebook. "Ok, guys - where's the fire?" 
"Doing 70 in a 55 mile zone..." He peered into the van and 
blanched. There sat his Captain, three of the Detectives he 
idolised, *and* the DA. Ptl. Pet Leary was about to "funk" and 
let them off when Mike handed over his license and asked 
for the citation. "You've never done this before, have you, 
Leary?", he said with a smile in his eyes. The others watched 
in amazement as Mike helped the rookie fill out the citation and 
explained about Traffic Court. 
Finally, when it was over, Logan told him something that had 
been taught to him about the law: "No names, no prestige, no 
rank and no position...We serve the Law and it serves us.. 
AS EQUALS. That's the majesty of it." 

Ben looked thoughtful throughout all of this. "Hey Mike, I was 
curious where you heard that statement about the law...It's great." 

Mike laughed. " I was just remembering another "brownie", 20 
years ago." "I stopped a Limo---turned out to be the Mayor. HE 
told me that, and said to pass it on one day...Sheesh! 19 years 
old, and green as grass----" They all laughed, remembering 
*their* "salad days." From beat cop to traffic "brownie". From 
storefront lawyer and Public Defender to political "hack". They 
had all had dreams... ...and continued to achieve them. 

Back at Marie's 1:00pm 

Lunch had been served and the party was now going full blast. 
Kate was ensconced in Max's old chair surrounded by a nest 
of wrapping paper, and everything from mountains of diapers to 
a portable crib. Shirley Profaci made everybody smile when 
she presented an infintisimal NYPD tee shirt and cap with the 
Detective's shield. Anita Briscoe gave her partner in crime two 
"snugglies". One for Momma and one for Poppa. Worn like 
a kangaroo pouch, both baby and parent could get plenty of 
cuddles, and yet their hands were free. A shout went up when 
Kate opened Anita's other box. Inside was a thoroughly unmotherly 
black silk nightgown trimmed with lace as delicate as a spider's web.
Everybody started to grin until Kate opened the card. 
Anita had made a certificate entitling the new parents to 1 night a 
week of overnight sitting, open ended. She remembered that 
during her illness, Kate had mothered the twins and Maxie, Kept 
Lennie on an even keel, and still wrapped Mike around her 
little finger. "That's what Partners are for!", she'd say. Anita 
would always remember... 

A good time was being had by all, when the last guest arrived. A 
hush came over the room as Maria Scali (Anita's mom) entered 
with a very special visitor. All the Italian ladies looked at her with 
great interest and respect. 

Marie looked at Elaine Ceretta and whispered, "The Signorina..." 
The Signorina. A tiny old woman with a nutcracker face and the 
bright black eyes of a robin. A "wise woman" of Italian legend, 
said to know everything about mothers and babies. It was 
also rumoured that she could predict the future. Kate was pretty 
pragmatic about such things, but there was still enough Irish in 
her to make her mildly intrigued. 

The Signorina went to Kate, smiling, and gently placed her hands 
on the child. Black eyes looked into Irish blue as she spoke for 
the first time: "You will have a daughter, she said in low, musical 
tones. "she will gaze upin you with her father's eyes and smile 
with his smile. She will bear his name. It is ordained that she will
follow her own star and choose her own way. She will walk this way 
alone until love comes to claim her. Two brothers have loved
her always, and one will claim her for his own. There will be but 
one child only, beloved by all. This I do see!" She then took 
Kate's hands. "I see great love..tested by time and refined by fire.
There is great joy as well as sorrow, but you will always be together.
It is a love of Gold." 

Kate shivered a little as Maria led the Signorina away. "Sheesh, 'Nita.
Is that what you meant when you said that you and Lennie were "Soulmates"?
"Yes," Anita replied, "Momma told me that a Signorina had told her the
same thing before I was born." 

"Well, I can't say that the Irish don't have things like that too, 
especially in the Old Country", Kate grinned. "but as for me...I'll 
take New York!" All the ladies started to howl at that, and after a 
few more cups of tea, the party started to wind down. 

Marie had turned on the radio to find out how the games came out. 
"Holy Crap," she said, "The Yankees lost BOTH of them!" The 
wives shook their heads. There were going to be some grumpy husbands 
tonight. Each one had a special plan to help sweeten the mood. Elaine
Ceretta spoke up. "That's one problem Kate won't have to worry about
....all those extra female hormones..." 

Kate spun around like a top. 

"ELAINE! Ye Gods..therere kids around." Kate was as red as a beet. 
"Come on, Sweetie", Elaine replied "you can't tell me you haven't been
climbing the walls. I know *I* did, with my three girls." "So did I",
Marie chimed in. "Why did you think Lennie was late for work all the 
time?" Anita dimpled. "OK, OK...but do we have to...well do we have to 
be so *bald* about it?" Kate was still pink. Anita hugged her "partner",
and replied, "Ok, we'll cool it, but I'll bet you a lunch that the guys
talked about the SAME thing!" 

Back at the flat. 7:00pm 

"HONEY..., I'm home..." Kate smiled. There was Mike, with open arms.
"Golly, I missed you", she said, "Hen Parties are fun, but I need *you*
to light my fire". She kissed his cheek. "How was the game?". "Keeripes,"
he glowered. "That freaking Alomar. Two grand slams. Brother, did they 
clean *our* clocks". 

Kate had changed into an oversized NYPD shirt and she climbed into Mike's 
lap. "Mmmm". he sighed in contentment. "I'm glad she's so tiny", he thought,
"I can still get my arms around her.." 

Kate had already started the music for their Saturday Night "Date". 
The slinky voice of Roy Orbison filled the air: 

"Pretty Woman....walking down the street... ...", etc. etc. 

" *Mercy...* ", Mike said, as Kate growled in his ear... 




to be continued...

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