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Deb Walheim's (Mailing List) collection
AOL fanfiction page (Variety)
Kitteridge Montague (Kitt)
Kitteridge's "My Own Private Library" (Variety)
The Law and Order Fanfiction Online 'Zine (Variety)
Olga Stewart (Mad About Plaid)
A Meeting of the Mikes [Mike Logan meets Mike Kellerman (Homicide:LOTS)
Anita Pesola (Lennie's Lady)
Serenade: A L&O Love Story (Lennie Briscoe)
Annette Dawson (Gaelin)
Soulmates (Mike Logan)
Sally Stark (joystar)
Blues Song; Summer Song; Wedding Song; Always;
Nightmare Alley; The Racket; and Pretty Woman (Mike Logan)
Josh Straus(Napolean)
Conundrums (Interactive Thinking Problems)
Lori N. Kem (Noleen)
Relative Change (Det. Lennie Briscoe)
Sam Lopez (Jackluster)
Aftershocked (EADA Jack McCoy)
Kenn Wolking (KennKong)
Let's Get Kinc-y (ADA Claire Kincaid)
Kathleen Cromie (Ben'sgirl)
The Stone collection (EADA Ben Stone)
Mary Ruth Morris (Mare)
The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth (Mike Kellerman)
A New York State of Mind (Mike Logan)

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