Conundrum of Remembrance

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Part 5

BEFORE THE TRIAL, LENNIE'S LADY IS REQUIRED TO HAVE A VISIT WITH DR. LIL'LEMONHEAD, THE STATE APPOINTED PSYCHIATRIST TO THE CASE. Lil'Lemonhead: Tell me about your childhood Lennie's ladie. Lennie's Lady: I'd rather not! Lil': Please, I need to know so I can help you! LL: I was sexually abused okay! Lil': By Whom? LL: My Father and all his pals! *Crying* Lil': Lennie's Ladie, did you dream about this abuse the night you killed your daughter? LL: I have nightmares about him every night! Every night!!! Lil': Do you remeber anything about that night's dream in particular? LL: NO! Well I know the dream was about himabusing me in my bedroom! Lil': How long did this abuse carry on by your father and his friends? LL: About seven years!!! ***sobbing*** Lil': Thank you! I know this has been difficult! LATER THAT AFTERNOON IN JACK McCOY'S OFFICE..... Lil': When she heard her daughter and her boyfriend having sex in the other room, Lennie's Lady was supposidly dreaming about her father abusing her! Jack: What do you mean supposidly? Lil': In my twenty some years of studying all types of people, never have I encountered an abused individual who dreams about the abuse actually occurring. Usually they will dream about other thing which make them happy, sometimes the abused will dream about getting back in some way at the abuser! Claire: So, she's saying that she was dreaming about the actual abuse at the time she murdered her daughter. That's what she is claiming? Lil': Yes, and it doesn't really follow typical behavior of abused individuals! I have never seen it before! J: So your saying the abused will usually dream about getting back at their abuser? Lil': Exactly! Lil': Her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend were just mistaken in her dream as herself and her abusing father from years earlier! C: So why did she kill the female figure? Lil': She was asleep, she probably just started swinging at everythinh and anything that was reminding her of the abuse she once faced in her past! J: Nevertheless, even though she was asleep, her main goal was to get back at the abuser....correct? Lil': Correct! J: So even if she was sleepwalking as is claimed... C: She HAD CRIMINAL INTENTIONS! J: Thanks Dr. Lil'Lemonhead! ****************************************************************** NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!!! ALL OF THE INFORMATION WAS PRESENTED AT THE TRIAL OF LENNIE'S LADY. SHE IS BEING CHARGED WITH MURDER AND ATTEPTED MURDER! YOU ARE THE JURY!!! IS SHE GUILTY OF MURDER AND ATTEMPTED MURDER? WHY OR WHY NOT?

Now aren't you glad you waded through all 5 parts?

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