A New York State of Mind

by Mary Ruth Morris

Chapter 2

   The next six days I spent running errands around town for my Mom and getting my own Xmas plans in order. I still had to get stocking stuffers for Mom's Xmas stocking and I had to help watch my neice and nephew when my brother was out doing his last minute shopping- an anual Xmas tradition for David! 

On Dec 23rd I was going to a Xmas party crawl. It started at my friend
Allisons, went on to Trevor's, then to my place and then on to THE BEAR- our hometown tavern. It was going to be a blast and I knew it was exactly what I needed to take my mind off Mike- eventhough it was a lost cause. I was dreaming about him at night, thinking about our last night on the Empire State Building whenever I drank a glass of champagne or...well.... I just never stopped thinking about him. But I didn't mind. I knew I'd see him within the week.

I went up to Allison's at 3 :00. The whole gang was there and the Xmas
spirit hit me. I wasn't in the door 10 seconds when Trevor pressed a rum and eggnog into my hand and led me to the kitchen- where the most fun is had at all parties!

We laughed, we drank, we sang. We had a BLAST!! When the time came to move on to Trevor's I was quite tipsy. 

At Trevor's place, his parents had decorated the house up to the nines!

They stayed on to party with us along with Trevor's 3 brothers, 2 sisters and his extended family. Trev's girlfriend, Corrie was also able to make it down- which made the party all the more better since a lot of us hadn't seen her in ages!

After the beer and liquor flowed at Trev's it was time to stop at my
apartment. We all got cabs and headed over. As I tried to unlock my door with 12 of my best friends in drunken states I could hear my phone ringing through my own inebriated haze. I got the door open and ran to the phone.


"Hey! There you are. I was about to hang up", Mike said.

"Mike!" I turn to my friends, "Its Mike calling from New York. Shut up!"

Everyone started to laugh, but being the good sports they are- they went into my kitchen so I could talk to my man.

"Hi Sweetheart. How are you? God, I miss you."

"It sounds like it," Mike said with an easy laugh, "I miss you to Angel".

I'm hurt, "No, I really do miss you!"

"I know Honey. Listen, I have to ask you something. What are you doing on Boxing Day?"

I try hard to push through my haze, "Nothing. Just getting over the Xmas Blahs I guess."

"How would you like me to cure you of those Blahs?"

All of a sudden I'm sober. "What do you mean?"

"I got the time off. I'll be in Nova Scotia at 4:00 Boxing Day."

"Really?" I can hardly believe it. Thats only 3 days- no 2 days away I
think looking at my clock- its 12:05am. Its Xmas Eve.

"I'll be at the airport waiting with baited breath." I say huskily into the phone.

"And I'll be able to take that baited breath away in two days", Mike said just as huskily.

We make some small talk for a few more minutes and before he hangs up Mike says in that sexy, deep voice of his "I can't WAIT to see you. ALL OF YOU, Darling."

I know what he means. I smile.

As if sensing my reaction to his words he follows up with "Nobilty be
damned when I get there".

"Bye Sweetheart."

"Bye Angel. I love you. Merry Christmas."

I love you too, Merry Christmas." I say before hanging up the phone.
"AGGHHHH" I scream.

My friends rush into the room. "Whats wrong?" Trev asks. Worry is all over his face.

"Nothing! Mike's coming to Nova Scotia in 2 days!!!" I squeal delightfully as I dance around my friends.

"This calls for a drink!" Allison shouts.
And the bunch of us proceed to get loaded!

Boxing Day. 4:00 pm.

I'm waiting at the airport at arrivals. Mike's plane has landed, and I'm waiting for him to pass through customs. I'm on edge. I changed 5 times before coming and the only reason I decided to stick to what I was wearing-a pair of jeans, a black mock turtle neck and a red plaid blazer because I had run out of time and would've been late otherwise.

I see him walk through the doors. His raven hair is lightly falling over his brow and his eyes are wandering in attempt to find me. When he meets my gaze he stops in his tracks. We stare at each other for a moment. Not quite believing that we are in the same room again. We come to our senses at once.

We start walking towards one another, then it turns into a run. Mike drops his knapsack and picks me up in his arms and twirls me in the air. We're both laughing and when Mike finally puts me down he pulls me in for a deep kiss. Its almost as if we haven't been apart. He pulls back- looks at me and whistles.

"You look better than I remember. And I remember a gorgeous woman!"

I blush three shades of red and Mike gathers me in his arms again.

"I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too. God, I hope this week never ends."

"Hey hey- we aren't to talk about endings. This is the just beginning", Mike says softly as he looks into my eyes. He leans in and kisses me again.

"Lets get back to your place".

I agree and we hold hands as we head to the parking lot. I stop at a black Pontiac Sunfire convertible.(Hey-this is fantasy!). I start to unlock the door. Mike whistles under his breath.

"This is your car?"

"No Mike. Here in Nova Scotia we take the nicest car in the parking lot." I say with a wicked grin.

"C'mere you!" and he's got me in a hug again. His lips find mine and we kiss hungrily.

"Lets get back to your place."

I smile sheepishly at him. "Actually Hon, we have to stop at my Mom's first and then my friend Allison is having a party. She wants us to drop in." 

Mike gives me a "Do we have to?" look.  "We won't stay long I promise".

We drive back to Windsor. My Mom's house is lit with Xmas lights and she is waiting anxiously by the door for our arrival. When we get into the house I introduce them.

"Mom, this is Michael Logan. Mike, this is my mom, Mollie Morris".

Mike gives Mom a warm smile. "Nice to meet you Mrs. Morris."

"Oh please! Call me Mollie". {This is a good sign. If my Mom tells you to call her Mollie right away then she likes you.}

"Wheres Dave?" I ask.

"He's over at the Murleys. He has the kids with him."

The three of us chat. We have some coffee and Mom and Mike get into a
discussion over Mom's dining room chairs which are upholstered in the
MacLean Family tartan (My Mom's maiden name is MacLean).

After an hour of chatting I excuse Mike and myself, since we still have a party to go to.

When we get to Allison's everyone is waiting for our arrival. The women can't believe their eyes, and the guys take to Mike immediately. He likes them a lot too.

"Mare, he is GORGEOUS!", my friend Allison says as she pulls me into the kitchen.

"I wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating crackers", Helen said with a laugh and a look over her shoulder to make sure that her boyfriend, Darren, didn't hear her.

My girlfriends make me stay in the kitchen gabbing until I fear that Mike may be getting weary. I excuse myself to go looking for him. He is in the middle of telling Trevor and Tim a story. Little do I know that its the story of how we met and when he realized that he loved me.

"I guess I knew when we were in Central Park in a horse drawn carriage. We were talking about our families and friends and I could tell how much hers meant to her. Her sincerity and the way she looked in the moonlight, I knew I wanted to be part of her life, and her to be part of mine."

I smiled as I came up behind him. I put my arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.

"You telling tall tales again Logan?"

"Only tall redheaded tales", he said with a smile.

"You ready to make like a baby and head out?"

"Whenever you are."

"I am". 

"Well then lets go".

Mike went to gather our coats. I turned to Trevor and Tim and asked *the* question, "So....do you like him?"

Trevor and Tim went on either side and put their arms around my shoulders.

"Mare, we gotta tell ya. He's GREAT!" Trevor said.

"And he's nuts about you", Tim added.

I hug them both and tell them that I will call them in the next day or two.

Then I head over to Mike who's holding my jacket. We say our good-byes and we're off to my place.

"So...what do you think of my friends?"

"They're great. Trev warned me to never hurt you or I'll have him to answer to. He thinks the world of you Mare".

"And I think the world of him. He's always been a great friend to me."

"Did you guys ever date?" Mike asked way too casually.

I look over at him. He looked so handsome in the moonlight.

"No. A lot of people have asked me that though. Its funny...still in this day and age people can't believe a man and a woman can be 'just friends'. I mean our friends know the truth but still the way I see it- as I know Trevor does too- if Trevor or I had anything other than friendship on our minds then it would have happened a long time ago".

Mike nodded, "I figured but since I am your *boyfriend* now its my job to check these things out."

I looked over at him and smiled. "I am so lucky", I thought to myself.

We arrived at my apartment. We got Mike's bags out of the trunk and headed up the stairs to my door. As I unlocked it, Mike took me in his arms and kissed me passionately.

"I can't believe I'm here", he said between kisses on my neck.

"I can't either", I say breathlessly. I open my eyes and see a elderly
woman looking at us curiously from her door. I push Mike away a bit and greet her.

"Hi Mrs. Edelbaum. How are you this evening?" I ask.

"I'm fine Dear. How are you?" the sweet lady asked.

"I'm fine. This is my boyfriend Mike. He'll be staying for a few days."

Mike smiled and held out his hand. She took it gently.

"Oh thats nice dear", she smiled and nodded. She remained at the door.

"Well, I guess we'll be going in. Goodnight Mrs. Edelbaum."

"Good night dear." She still didn't move.

Mike and I smiled at each other and I let us in. As I closed the door
behind us, the elderly lady was still there. I smiled and closed the door.

"She seemed nice", Mike said as he took me in his arms again.

"She must have taken her medication today. If she forgets to she is soooooo mean."

"Really? Her?" Mike pointed to the door with a look of disbelief.

"Yes," I said with a laugh. She gets really nasty if you take too long
unlocking your door. She says it disturbs her cats".

Mike roars with laughter. I smile up at him.

"God, I missed that laugh," I said as I snuggle in closer.

"And I missed this," he said as he kissed me again, more passionately and deeply than before.

We fall into the moment. Its perfect. Mike is holding me tighter and his kisses are becoming more and more urgent with each one. I pull away slightly. "Mike, there's something I think you should know".

Mike looks into my eyes and I want to melt.

"Whats wrong Honey? Are you too tired because if you are we..."

"Hey...you aren't getting out of this so easily. I just..." I take a deep breath and pull away from him, still holding his hands in mine I lead him to the sofa.

"Mike...God, how do I put this? I'm ...ummm Mike,... this is my first
time", I say with a slightly distressed sigh. 

Mike is in disbelief. "Really?"

"Oh God, you think I'm a freak don't you?"

"What? No! No, of course not! I think its great. I mean...to wait and all. I completely respect that."

I look into his eyes and see love. Pure unconditional love.

"I love you", he says.

"I know you do. I love you too". I pull him in for a kiss. He gladly accepts.  

I stop and look into his eyes, "Mike, I want to make love to you."

"No Baby. We're going to make love to each other", Mike says as he gets up off the sofa, pulling me up after him and kissing me softly. 

I take his hand and lead him to my bedroom. 

I tell him to wait- "I'll be right back," I promise.

I go into my bathroom and quickly put on the navy blue two piece silk
short/camisole set. When I come back into the bedroom, Mike has lighted some candles and has put the Celine Dion CD "Colour of My Love" on. He's wearing his boxers (plaid of course!) and a smile. He takes me in his arms and kisses my lips, then moves down to my neck. As he does this he lightly removes my camisole. I have my hands on his waist and in perfect unison we remove each others shorts. Mike stops kissing me and looks into my eyes. In one swoop he picks me up and carries me to the bed where he places me gently. He leans down and proceeds to kiss my entire body. Like earlier that day I am on the edge- but this time it is much more welcoming. When neither
of us can stand it any longer, Mike and I become one. It is volcanic- better than I ever expected in a million years.

A few hours later when we are both spent we fall asleep in each others
arms. Sweet dreams dance through our minds.

   The next few days Mike and I shop around Windsor; go to Halifax for
dinner with Allison and her boyfriend, Chris; drive down the Valley and make love every single chance we get. 

On New Years Eve Mike and I didn't bother going to any flashy parties-
prefering to stay in, watch movies, and make love some more (Hey we've gotta get exercise somehow!). 

Then the day we've been dreading for the last six days has finally arrived. The day Mike has to go back to New York.

At the airport both Mike and I are in tears.

"Baby- I am going to have to send you a ticket to New York".

"Maybe for Valentine's Day I can make a trip down".

"I can't imagine a better way to spend the most romantic day of the year", Mike said with a smile through his tears.

He then took me in his arms and kissed me softly, yet urgently. We knew it would be a long time before we would see each other- and we intended to savour every last second. Finally the time came when Mike had to go and leave me behind.

"Good-bye Sweetheart. I love you", he said, choking a little on his words.

"I love you too Darling," I said letting the tears fall shamelessly down my face and onto my shoes. 

And with one last kiss on my cheek, Mike turned around and walked through the security gates.

I refused to leave the airport until his plane left Nova Scotia ground.

More to come!  

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