Conundrum 9- Witchdoctor2!


The inhabitants of an African village called on a witchdoctor to help them find out why so many children born in recent months had died soon after birth. The witchdoctor decided to organize a trial by ordeal to discover whether there were any witches in the village who might be responsible for the early deaths of the children. 16 people VOLUNTARILY submitted to the test. The trial was a mild one as ordeals went. All the the participants who VOLUNTERED were required to do was drink a certain magic potion called MUABVI. MUABVI, it was believed, would kill any witch who drank it but would not harm the innocent! The witchdoctor prepared the MUABVI and handed it out the sixteen participants. Four of the Sixteen died, several others became violently ill! A government analysis later examined the substance (MUABVI) and found it was not poisonous; the substance was given to guinea pigs and none showed harmful effects (NOTE: I am not promoting Animal testing). The pathologist who examined the deceased found no cause of death and no trace of poison in the bodies in question! The closest that anyone could conclude and came to an explanation was to conjecture that while MUABVI normally was not harmful to humans, IT MIGHT prove fatal if associated with large amounts of adrenalin: a person frightened by an ordeal (such as being accused of witchcraft) might excrete a large dose of adrenaline and in affect: THE PERSON POISONS HIM OR HER SELF!!! Has the Wichdoctor murdered anyone in this case?

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