Conundrum 8- Witchcraft and Vodoo!


A drought had settled over a certain isolated region in the United States during the 1800's. The threat of starvation hung ominously over this isolated area! While having a drink with the local witch doctor, Pange and Matini, both women, voiced their fears about the future of the impending harvest! "You must be fools" the witch doctor replied to them directly! "why dont you use some MULTI (a magic voodoo potion) so that you get plenty of crops?" The witchdoctor promised to get them some or find them some MULTI! Just as the rainy season began, the witchdoctor returned with a bag of caterpillars, which he referred to as MULTI, but declared to the women that they needed another ingredient to make it work! "You must kill a human being and bring the body to me. You must kill a child so that I can use the blood, and also so you can carry the body and bring it to me" the witchdoctor replied! Pange said that she had no children of her own, but the witchdoctor with this reply pointed to some children playing around in the field and said "What about those children?" Two nights later the two women brought the witchdoctor a cardboard box which contained the body of Matini's three year old cousin, one of the children who had been playing in the near by field two days earlier! The two women were charged with murder!!! Yet the object of their deed was eminently honorable! Given that they grew up in this isolated region with no contact from the outside world, it was entirely resonable for them to belive the sacrifise of a child was called for to save their community from starvation caused by the drought! These women have grown up learning to believe these customs and had no outside education! they did not see there actions as murder they saw them as necessity! THUS, should the women be aquitted by reason of necessity? (This is not a true story to my knowledge but I think it could be made into a great Episode! What do you think? Of course the plot would be changed but the idea the same!) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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