Conundrum 6-Cross the Line!


Suppose these individuals live in a fictional country called Quasi-America, a society very similar to America. However, in this case, there are some differences of course!(What did you expect?) Suppose there is a law (just as there is in the United States) which states that you cannot at ANY time cross into the other lane of the road if there are double yellow lines! No Exceptions! There use to be exceptions for emergencies but the exceptions were taken away when it came to the legislatures attention that people were using them in situations where there were not really emergencies! (My wifes pregnant at home- when he doesnt have a wife, my kids hurt - no kid at all) So the legislature decided to make it illegal to cross the line at anytime! In quasi America, it is a LIFE sentence if you cross the lines illegally! No Parole!(MY hypothetical My Rules!) In quasi America, it is the death sentence if you kill another individual willingly and knowingly! Now heres the situation, Audrey is travelling down the road which has the double yellow lines. On the right is a building which is right on the road (Thus no movement to the right is possible). No cars are coming at all in the other lane for oncoming traffic! Suddenly out of knowhere, a wounded child appears on Audreys side of the road. The child can not move!(How the child got there is not an issue, however the child is in NO way suicidal!) All of the sudden, Audreys breaks go out (bad luck I know)! What does she do, She cant stop! She can cross the line and go to prison for the rest of her life or she could hit the child and knowingly and willingly kill the child! Assume she will get caught regardless of the decision she makes! She chooses to cross the lines and is arrested and convicted! On appeal, the judges read the law as it is and uphold the conviction because there were no exceptions in the Law! What do you think? Is this right? What if she would have ran over the child?

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