Conundrum 5- Pandora's Box Notion!

Here is yet another one!

"The greatest good for the greatest number." - The basiccornerstone of Utilitarian theory (a philosophical theory promoted by individuals like John Stuart Mill). Keeping this in mind: Suppose a deadly disease is ravaging the Human race and unless a cure is found within one week, everyone on earth will be dead (NO Exceptions!) By some miracle of God (How is not the important issue), a cure is found in an individual named the "Savior". Unfortunately there is a problem! The problem is: in ordser to extract the cure from the Savior, he must be killed! Simply put: TO GET THE CURE, THE SAVIOR MUST DIE! Assume that there is no other possible way to get the cure (MY hypothetical, MY rules!). The Savior is unwilling to commit suicide and he does not want to die! (In this hypothetical, do not assume there is an after life>>> This life is all you Have!) What do you do? Do you murder the Savcior and save the human race? or Do you except the Savior's decision and let humanity be erased? (Try and answer this question as if it really was happening - What I mean is don't try and be politically correct in your answers>>> alot of people will do whatever it takes if their life is on the line!!! I probably would!) NOW! If you answered yes to sacraficinf the savior for the good of humanity, you are basically follwing utilitarianism's basic principle! (See Above) Now the question is: How far will you go? If you except the saviors death to save the world, would you except the enslavement of a certain race or gender if it would save the world? Would you except the sacrafice of 10 individuals to save the world? 20? 1000? 500,000? How Far? How can you be against the enslavement of say 100,000 people if you are SURE ( I know that nothing is for SURE but this is a Hypothetical so assume there are assurities!) it is best for the rest of society of over a billiuon people without bveing hypocritical? These are some very difficult issues! What do you think? SIDE NOTE: Concerning my hypotheticals, in no way am I in favor of murder or enslavement of individuals. These Conundrums are interesting hypotheticals meant to make us all think how we would react if similar circumstances would occur in this weird and unpredictable world we live in!

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