Conundrum 3-Necessity?!

Here is one more:!

The Merrimack, a saling ship, set out in 1834 from Boston for Rio De Janerio. The ship was leaky to begin with. Several days out of port, she met with a ferocious storm that worsened the condition of the ship. The crew insisted on taking her back to harbor, but the captain turned a deaf ear. According to the law of the sea, the Captain's orders are all that matters. Nothing overrules the orders of the captain. THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY! The captain refused to turn the ship around and head back to harbor. Assuming the ship would have made it back to Boston for sure safely and would surely sink if they continued, (assume this as sure fact since this is a hypothetical) the crue had to act against the orders of the captain. The captain lets assume was for some reason unaware of the facts that the crew knew about the sure facts of continuing the journey or turning around. Also, there is no out clause in the law concerning the captains lack of knowledge, WHAT THE CAPTAIN SAYS GOES >>>>REGARDLESS! Lets say the crew takes over and heads back to Boston. Should they be charged and convicted of Mutiny. Remember, if they wouldn't of acted the way they did, They would all be dead! (THIS IS A HYPOTHETICAL SO ASSUME THIS AS SURE TRUTH!). Are they Guilty? Should they be punished? What would you have done?

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