Conundrum 2-Murder!

Hope you like this one!

Suppose a father wants to kill his five year old son. He decides to do it by sending him to summer camp, not, as he did the previous years, by train, but by plane instead. The father is under the impression that plane crashes are alot more frequent than train crashes. He hopes such a crash will occur. And in this HYPOTHETICAL case, IT DOES! Clearly, the father has intentionally caused his son's death (he intended his son to die in just the manner he did, and the son wouldn't have died, if the father hadn't put him on the plane which he had hoped would crash!). But should we convict the father of murder? Why? Suppose the plane doesn't crash, but the police learn of the fathers evil intentions and charge him with attempted murder. Should we convict the father now? Why? What do you think?

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