Conundrum 10- Treason!

I read this hypothetical case somewhere but I don't have it in front of me so please forgive the sketchiness!:

 It is the Vietnam War and the confrontation is at its worst!
 Mike Logan, a United States soldier in the War of TV Ratings (Just
 as bloody as the real Vietnam War), is on patrol duty with the rest
 of his platoon. Suddenly, out of nowhere, his platoon (from now on
 named the L&O platoon) is attacked by the enemy (Lets call them
 Wolfians). The Wolfians have the L&O platoon out maneuvered and
 pinned down. The L&O platoon will not surrender though and keeps on
 fighting. Nevertheless, the L&O platoon is defeated by the Wolfians.
 Only everyones hero, Mike Logan, survives the attack!!! He is taken
 prisoner and taken to a Wolfian concentration camp. During his
 imprisonment, the Wolfians begin to grill and bombard Mike with
 propaganda favorable to their cause, total worship to the leader of
 Mr. Wolf (creator of L&O). ANYWAY, Mike is completely bombarded by
 this material because the Wolfians plan to use him to teach other
 captured L&O soldiers that they are fighting on the wrong side and
 for the wrong reasons. Mike is not being hypnotized or any other
 form of brain control method. They are just giving him a "New"
 education in their beliefs. After some time, Mike finally gives in
 and actually starts believing the material being taught to him. As 
 a result, after an extensive reeducation, Mike begins to try and
 reeducate his former L&O colleagues that the Wolf way is the right
 way! He converts some while pisses off others. Two of the captured
 prisoners who Mike tries to convert are Mike's Fan and Olga.
 Fortunately, before they are converted, the L&O army saves the
 people from the concentration camp and takes them home to the L&O
 States (Very similar to the United States - EXACT SAME LAWS). After
 time to recover from the ordeal, Mike's Fan and Olga bring charges
 against Mike for his treasonesss actions!!! DA Ben's girl takes the
 case. During the trial, it comes out that Mike was never drugged or
 physically tortured into believing the reeducation. He was just
 continually exposed to the information. Mike admits that he now
 still agrees with the Wolfian ideology! He dislikes the L&O
 ideology!!! The charges are treason which is punishable by death.
 The section on Treason used in this case is clearly defined in this
 Hypothetical as "any action which promotes and or leads to the the
 conversion of soldiers ideologies against the L&O states." You are
 the Jury, should Mike be convicted of Treason? In this court system,
 Juries do not need to be unanimous, MAJORITY rules! So it is up to
 you Net Forum users, you are the jury, is he guilty! Do not let your
 personal love of Mike Logan come into play. Just stick to the facts! 

 *Napolean Note:
 I know this is no where close to the hypothetical I read, but I think
 its close enough and will at least make you think some. I know it is
 not as difficult as some of my earlier conundrums.

***Later note: As the NetForum and the New NetForum no longer exist,
we are collecting opinions and ballots by email. Share here.

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