What do you think?-A Conundrum! (AKA Conundrum #1)

Here's a little law hypothetical that might make you think!

Five Speunekers (cave adventurers/explorers) decide to go
 check out this new cave they just recently found. They pack their
 bags and tell their familys good bye and where their going. While
 exploring the cave, an earthquake occurs and the 5 individuals are
 trapped in the cave with no way out at ALL! After the five
 individuals don't return home, the families go searching for them
 and find out they are trapped. A rescue party is formed and begins
 trying to save the individuals. the rescuers and the trapped can
 communicate through radio walky talkies. The trapped only have a few
 days worth of food and water to live. While trying to save them, ten
 rescurers are killed by a landslide. Due to the tough conditions, it
 will take about two weeks to get them out; they can only last one
 week on food. Jim, one of the trapped, suggest that they role dice
 (don't ask me why they have dice) and whomever roles the lowest will
 be sacraficed for the good of the other four. The other four agree,
 but Jim then has second thoughts! The trapped radios the outside and
 ask their opinion on the suggestion! No answers come back. The
 trapped decide to go with Jims idea even though he's not all for it
 anymore. When it comes to Jims role, he refuse to role but gives
 permission to Jeff to role for him. Jim's role is the lowest! He is
 eaten for the benefit of the group. A day after he is killed and
 eaten, the rescures get to the trapped, a week before they thought
 they would. The four survivors are arrested and convicted of murder
 because according to the statute of murder: "They willingly and
 knowingly took the like of another human". SHOULD THEY BE CONVICTED?

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