"A Meeting of the Mikes".
Law and Order meets Homicide.

Part One: Baltimore. 

It was a beautiful spring day in Baltimore.
The sun was shining and there was not a cloud to
be found in the sky. The temperature was in the 
low 20's (Celsius. We Canadians don't use Fahrenheit
all that much). Olga had been having a nice walk
along the docks. She was in Baltimore visiting her
friends Alice and Tim Bayliss. Today, she decided she
would do some exploring on her own while Tim took 
Alice to their Lamaze class. 

Olga had been walking along and admiring the boats. 
She stopped nearby one called "Case Closed" and leaned
against the rail, looking out at the water. It was so
wonderful to be in Baltimore because she loved being 
near the water. The breeze on her face and her hair 
slightly blowing felt wonderful. Her outfit consisted
of a NYPD sweatshirt (courtesy of an ex-cop/boyfriend
from New York. Guess who? :).), a pair of shorts, her 
white socks, her black boots. She also had a pair of 
shades on and her hair was tucked up underneath a hat,
worn backwards. Olga closed her eyes and just savored
the sensation of the air and the sounds at the dock. 

Meanwhile, a slightly drowsy figure stumbled out of the
inner hold of the "Case Closed". He was tall (about six
feet), thin but well built with reddish-blond hair and 
the bluest of eyes. Last night, had been quite the night
with the wind howling and the boat rocking along in time
with the wind. This man had not got a lot of sleep and 
was really suffering from it once he stepped out onto the
deck of his boat. 

The man who owned this man was Mike Kellerman, a detective
with the Baltimore Homicide Squad. Recently, he had been 
put on desk duty because he had been implicated in a bribery
scandal from the arson department that he worked for before
he arrived at Homicide. He was getting mighty ticked that he
couldn't work on the streets and was anxious to get his 
grand jury hearing done and over so that everyone could see
that he was innocent and then he could get away from the desk.
Today, his boss, Lieutenant Giardello had phoned him and told
him to take a day off. G had told him that he was really 
getting on everybody else's nerves and that he should take 
some time to cool down. For once, Mike tended to be agreement
with G. 

So, there was Mike on the upper deck of his boat with a coffee
mug in one hand and the paper in the other. He had decided to
sit on the deck, enjoy his coffee, browse through the paper 
and just relax. However, that plan soon went out the window
when he seen the woman standing at the railing near his boat. 

She was wearing a sweatshirt, shorts, and boots. She also had
on her shades and a cap placed backwards on her head. Mike
couldn't help noticing her legs. It was only May and they were
slightly tanned. They were also muscular but not like a
bodybuilders. Those muscles belonged there and made her legs
seem even more attractive. The boots she wore further emphasized
this. Then he looked upward and took in the rest of her. She
looked like she had lost weight because the shorts looked a bit
baggy. The sweatshirt also looked a bit baggy too. However, he 
couldn't help noticing both her shades (Black Ray-Bans) and her
'backwards' cap. She looked cute, enticing, sexy, and unique all
at the same time. He was about to toss his newspaper back into 
the cabin and just check this woman out a bit more when she got
wise to him and pushed her glasses down. 

For the last few minutes, Olga had felt a pair of eyes on her
but she decided to play it cool. However, it was getting
increasingly difficult because she could sense that these pair
of eyes were checking her out. Finally, just to confirm her
thoughts, she turned her head to the left, pulled down her
glasses only to come face to face with the most beautiful pair
of eyes she had seen in the longest time. 

It was very hard to get past his eyes but she forced herself
to do it. She noticed his hair, a reddish-blond and it was 
slightly wavy. He was tall and slim but well-built. He had 
on a blue jacket, a black T-shirt, and a pair of gray sweats.
The sweats partly obscured the shape of his legs but she could
tell that his legs were strong and muscular like the rest of
him. Damn, he looked so sweet, cute, and sexy. It was all she
could do to stop herself from accidentally falling into the water. 

For what seemed an eternity, Olga and Mike just stared and smiled
at one another. Finally, Olga's impatience was getting the better 
of her and she decided to make the first move. Moving away from 
the railing, she walked over to the boat and took her glasses off.
Once she did that, she noticed that this man almost dropped his 
coffee cup because he was staring so hard at her. Realizing this 
was the perfect opening, Olga said, "Hi. Do you happen to have 
enough for another cup?" There was silence for a few seconds 
until Mike finally got his mouth to work and said, "Uh, yeah, sure.
How do you take it?" "With some milk and a couple of teaspoons of
sugar.", Olga replied. "Sure, right away.", Mike answered and then
he offered his hand to Olga. She grabbed his hand and he helped 
her onto the boat. 

Once she was on the boat, Olga looked around her at the boat.
It was beautiful but not as beautiful as the man standing in front
of her. He let go of her hand and said, "Hi, my name is Mike. 
What's yours?" "It's Olga. How do you do, Mike?", Olga asked. 
"Um, I'm okay. I just have to say this and you can hit me, if you
want but you are a sight for sore eyes.", Mike said. Olga's face
started to go red and Mike couldn't help but grin at how he made
her react. Actually, he thought it was very sweet as she was the
first woman he had ever seen blush when she was given a compliment.
Still, he would not get off so easy because Olga looked directly at
him and said, "Well, you're pretty easy on the eyes, yourself. 
Why did I ever wear my shades in the first place?". After she said
this, she smiled the most beautiful smile Mike had ever seen. 
Then he looked into her eyes. They were gorgeous. It was hard to
tell what color they were but he decided that they were gray and 
blue and green, all mixed. He made a mental note to himself to get
a *closer* look. 

"Uh, about that coffee, Mike...?", Olga asked. "Oh, yeah, right. 
Sorry, totally forgot. I was kinda preoccupied. I'll go get it 
right now.", he replied. "Thanks and you know I could never tell
you were preoccupied or anything like that.", Olga retorted. 
It was Mike's turn to blush.

While Mike went down below to get the coffee, Olga walked over
to one of the boat railings and looked out at the water. This
was turning out to be quite the day and just wait until she 
told Tim and Alice about this. While she was looking out at 
the water, she put her glasses, which she had been holding in
her hand, into one of the pockets of her shorts. Then she 
started to visualize Mike's face. It was so handsome and sweet.
She could gaze into his eyes forever and still never get enough.
She would have kept daydreaming a little more but then she heard
Mike coming up the stairs with the coffee. 

When Mike got out onto the deck, he looked up to find Olga looking
at him, again. He thought to himself, "I'm so glad that I decided
to take the day off and relax at my boat. It was well worth it."
Once that thought was finished, he walked over to Olga and handed
her her coffee. She took and said thanks. Then she raised it to her
lips and blew on it. Mike got a thrill seeing her lips and he 
wondered what it would be like to kiss her. 

For her part, Olga managed to stay calm, cool, and collected. She 
had felt a shiver go up her arm when her hand touched Mike's as he
handed her the coffee cup. After she took her first sip, she lowered
the cup and said, "Mmm, skipper, you sure make good coffee." "There
are a lot of other things I'm good at, too.", Mike replied. "I'm sure
you are.", Olga retorted. "Hey, why don't we sit down and enjoy the 
morning. I want to find out who you are.", Mike said. "Sounds like a
plan to me.", Olga replied. 

So, for the next few hours, Mike and Olga sat on the deck of the boat
and talked and drank coffee. He was surprised to hear that she was one
of Tim and Alice's friends and she was shocked to finally meet one of
Tim's co-workers. They then went on to talk about what was going on in
their lives. It seemed like the day would never end. However, around 
lunchtime, Olga announced that she better get back to Alice and Tim's 
place because they were taking her out to lunch. Mike was disappointed
but said he understood. 

"Say, wait a minute. Do you have a phone on board?", Olga asked. 
"Why do you ask?", Mike asked in return. 
"Well, maybe if I can *convince* Alice and Tim to let you join us for
lunch. What do you think?", Olga asked. 
"Sounds great. The phone is on the counter by the kitchen. Watch your
step going down.", Mike replied. 

Olga went down and made the call and a few minutes later came up
again to tell Mike that it was all set. 
"Okay, why don't I just change my clothes and then we can get out of here.", Mike said. 
"Alright. I'll be waiting up here for you.", Olga said. 
"You do that.", Mike said as he winked at her. This just caused her to blush again. As he was heading towards the stairs, Mike turned around again and asked, "By the way, what are you hiding under that cap of yours?" 
"You really want to know?", Olga asked. 
"Yes, I really do.", Mike said. "Okay, here goes.", Olga said as 
she pulled off her cap. 

Mike gasped inwardly as he seen Olga's hair spilling out from
underneath the cap. It was medium brown with gingery and blondish
highlights. There was a slight wave at the bottom of her hair and it
was thick and shiny. 
Mike knew that if he run his fingers through it, it would be soft and silky.
Still, he managed to restrain himself even though it was killing him. 

"Like what you see?", Olga asked. "Oh, yes, very definitely. It was 
well worth the wait.", he teased. "Funny, that's what many of my exes 
told me, as well.", Olga teased in return. Knowing he was lost, Mike 
willed himself to turn around and go down the stairs to get changed 
in a *quick* hurry.
Olga couldn’t help giggling to herself as she watched Mike 
practically race down the stairs. "He's the one.", she thought to 
herself and felt herself blush all over again. 

Author's Notes
Okay, the next part takes place in New York. You can guess what happens 
there, can't you, Mare. Happy reading and please let me know what you think.


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