"A Meeting of the Mikes".

Part Nine: The Big Moment.

A couple of days later, the gang from New York flew to Baltimore. 
Ben and K.C. had brought little Michael with them and Mare and Mike went 
along for the ride, too. While they were on the plane, they all talked 
about how much they wanted to see everybody in Baltimore and what the 
future would hold for them. Mike had invited Lennie, Anita, Adam, and 
Olivet to join them. Those four would be coming to Baltimore later on 
that day (it just so happened that their vacation time all started at the 
same time. Coincidence? :).). 

No sooner were they up in the air, then the plane touched down at 
the airport at Baltimore. Everyone got off the plane and went directly to 
the terminal to collect their bags. However, before they made it to the 
carousel, they were greeted by a very enthusiastic and happy bunch of 

"Mare and K.C.! Oh my god! You're here!", Olga screamed. "Olga, 
keep your voice down. No need to sound like a banshee.", Alice jokingly 
ordered. "Anyway, I'm so happy to see you all.", Alice screamed just as 
loudly. Hugs were happening galore and everyone was laughing and talking 
all at the same time. 

Tim had come with Alice. He drove her here in their car. Olga 
had come with Mike. Mike was still outside parking his car. So, Olga 
went over to the other Mike and said, "Well, Mikey Logan. Have we got a 
surprise for you." "Oh yeah, I can only imagine what it might be.", Mike 
joked. "Yeah, well. So, I hear that you and Mare are dating up quite the 
storm. Is this serious?", Olga asked. "Oh, I think it is. It definitely 
is.", Mike replied. "I'm so happy for you two. You two are perfect for 
each other. So, when's the wedding?", Olga teased. "You women never 
quit, do you?", Mike teased right back with the happiest grin on his face. 

Meanwhile, Mare was talking with Alice and finding out how her 
friend was coping with the pregnancy. Alice's rosy cheeks were so 
wonderful to see and Mare always marveled at Alice's hair. It was 
reddish brown with dark red highlights and she had the most beautiful 
brown eyes. Whenever she smiled, she had the cutest dimple in her right 
cheek (happy now, Alice? :)). Pregnancy definitely agreed with her, 
although you would never know it by the way Alice was complaining about 
the aches and pains. However, when Alice looked over at her husband, Tim, 
who was talking with Ben and K.C. while holding Michael, she knew she was 
the luckiest woman in the world to be carrying his child. 

Ben and Tim were sharing stories about what was going on in both 
New York and Baltimore. Little Michael was pawing away at Tim's cheek and 
Tim just ate it up like a little kid. "Just wait until your little one 
does that to you.", K.C. teased. "I know. It will be heaven.", Tim said 
as he looked over and grinned at Alice. "So, Tim, I've been reading in 
the news that Baltimore is now sixth on the crime rate list. Why do you 
think that is?", Ben asked. "Darling, we're in an airport and little 
Michael is right here. Can't you wait until later to talk about 
business.", K.C. asked. "Oh right, whatever was I thinking.", Ben replied 
as he hugged K.C. to his side and kissed her on the cheek. Michael was 
gurgling away in happiness at the sight of his two parents and at his 
Uncle Tim. Uncle Tim was just grinning out so much happiness all around 

Just when the last of the luggage had been taken off the carousel. 
Mike finally came through the entrance over to the assembled group. "Hey 
guys. I'm here. Now, where is this other Mike?", Mike asked. Mike Logan 
stepped away from Olga and walked over to Mike Kellerman. Everyone kind 
of stood off to the side while the two Mikes faced one another. You could 
have heard a pin drop as the two Mikes were checking one another out. It 
was almost like a showdown at the O.K. corral. Olga and Mare were the 
most worried of the whole bunch. 

After what seemed an eternity, both Mikes smiled at each other at 
the same time. "Yeah, you pass muster.", Mike L said. "Hey, you're 
passable yourself.", Mike K said. "I think that this is the beginning of 
a beautiful friendship, pal.", Mike L said. "You said it, man.", Mike K 
said. Then they reached out and shook each others' hands. Olga and Mare 
were so happy that they rushed to their respective Mikes and gave them a 
big kiss. 

"Yay! No bloodshed or gore to clean up.", Tim teased. "You just 
don't know when to stop, do you?", Alice asked. "What?", Tim asked as he 
looked at Alice in puzzlement. "Well, I think this calls for a 
celebration lunch at the Waterfront.", K.C. suggested. "Sounds wonderful, 
sweetheart. Michael, would you like that, too?", Ben asked. Michael 
answered by reaching out and tugging his father's hair. Meanwhile, the 
two Mikes were introducing their significant others to each other. 

"Okay, troops, let's get this show on the road.", Olga answered. 
"Finally, the voice of reason. No wonder I'm crazy about her.", Mike K 
said and then he hugged Olga to him. Everyone else found their partner 
and they all worked together to get the luggage all put together and out 
the door. 

A few minutes later, they were all out in the sunshine. They were 
discussing who should go in whose car. It was decided that K.C., Ben, and 
Michael would go in Alice and Tim's car. Mare, Olga, and Mike L would go 
in Mike K's car. Finally, they were all in their cars and they were off 
to their celebratory lunch. 

Author's Notes
Okay, so the two Mikeys have met. However, there are still some more 
surprises left in order. Keep your eyes peeled for them.
Let me know what you think.


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