"A Meeting of the Mikes".

Part Seven: A Surprise.

Olga leaned back against the front seat of Mike's car and closed 
her eyes. Her mind immediately went to the man who was sitting mere inches 
away from her, driving the car. Mike Kellerman was the best thing to have 
happened to her in a very long time. The other men who were a part of her 
past couldn't hold a candle to Mike. He was so sweet, caring, funny, 
handsome, bright, faithful, gorgeous, and loving. No other man had ever 
made her feel so giddy, nervous, happy, and confused all at the same time. 
However, she knew that in a week she wouldn't be able to have this but how 
she wanted it. Still, she decided she would live in the moment and 
whatever happened later on was something she would deal with. There was 
one thing she was very sure of: Mike Kellerman had stolen her heart. 

Mike continued along on his journey. The sun was shining and the 
air was warm but not too much so. Every so often he looked over at the 
*treasure* he discovered that day. Olga was everything he wanted in a 
woman. She was beautiful, funny, intelligent, compassionate, and she had a 
hell of temper. However, her temper only added to her desirability. 
Instinctively, like blinking your eyes, this was the woman that Mike was 
going to spend the rest of his life with. He just had to let her know but 
somehow he thought that she knew. Just to reassure himself that this woman 
was real, he waited until he got to an intersection with a red light and he 
leaned over and whispered in her ear, "You're the one." Olga stirred and 
revealed and in doing so, revealed a tiny bit of cleavage. The sight was 
breathtaking but damn that light for changing to green! 

They continued on for a little while more until they got to their 
destination. Olga immediately woke up when the car stopped. She turned to 
Mike and asked, "Where are we?" "We're at the precinct.", Mike answered. 
"But I thought you had the day off? Did I miss something?", Olga asked 
with a mixture of confusion and curiosity. "No, you didn't. I do have 
the day off but this is where your surprise is. Do you want to see it?", 
Mike asked in return. "A surprise? Well, what are we waiting for? Let's 
go already!", Olga ordered. Mike mentally added impatience to his list of 
qualities that made this woman so special to him. 

"Well, you have to close your eyes and stay in the car.", Mike 
instructed. "Oh, do I get it in the car, then?", Olga asked with the hint 
of an evil grin on her face. "If you behave yourself, you just might but 
no, I have another place in mind.", Mike replied and as he did so, he 
leaned over and kissed her on one of her eyelids. Olga felt all warm and 
fuzzy inside from that kiss. When Mike leaned back she said, "Well, 
sweetie, take your time. I can be very patient when I want to." She added 
a sly smile for added emphasis. Mike was a goner but he knew he had to get 
out of the car or they would never get to the surprise. "Well, close your 
eyes, honey. I promise it will well worth the wait.", Mike said and with 
that, he was out of the car. 

It seemed to feel like forever before Mike came back to the car but 
he did. He opened the door and said, "Okay, open those beautiful peepers 
of yours. Your surprise awaits, my woman." Olga turned to see the most 
lovely blue eyes looking at her with so much love and happiness. She 
reached out for his hand and he helped her out of the car. He closed the 
door and they walked around to the back of the building. They then walked 
up some steps until they reached the roof. 

Upon arriving on the roof, Olga could not believe her eyes. The 
rooftop had flowers everywhere. A tape player was set up on a table in the 
middle of the roof. To top it off, there was music playing from that tape 
deck. It was the music of Luther Vandross. 

Mike turned to Olga and offered his hand. "Would you do me the 
honour of sharing this dance with me, Olga?", Mike asked. "I would be 
absolutely honoured and thrilled to do so, Mike.", Olga replied. She 
placed her hand in his and he led to near the table. He took her in his 
arms and they started to dance, or make that sway, to the music. Olga 
leaned her head against Mike's neck and Mike put his chin on top of Olga's 
chin. Olga's arms were around the back of Mike's neck while Mike's arms 
were around her waist. Their eyes were closed and they were feeling the 
moment. It was pure magic. 

They danced like that for a long time until the door at the far end 
of the roof opened. A voice yelled out, "Is there anyone up here? Oops, 
sorry, there is." That voice belonged to J.H. Brodie, the squad's 
videographer. Mike looked up in annoyance and said, "Brodie, what the 
hell...? Can't you see that I'm enjoying a dance with my honey here." 
"From the length of time you've been up here, it seems it's been about a 
100 dances already.", Brodie stupidly retorted. Mike was ready to break 
away from Olga and give Brodie the business but Olga stopped him by 
whispering this into his ear, "It's okay. Let him be. He's harmless." 
Mike looked down at her and asked, "Are you sure?" For some reason, Olga 
couldn't help giggling but she managed, through her giggles, to say, "Yeah, 
it's okay." She then turned to Brodie and said, "Brodie, if you want to 
use the roof, it's alright." Brodie asked, "Are you sure?" "Yes, I'm 
sure.", Olga replied. "Thanks, Olga. And by the way, Mike, this lady here 
is a keeper.", Brodie said. "You know Brodie, for once, you said something 
that both made sense and didn't annoy the hell out of me.", Mike retorted. 
Brodie got slightly flustered but Olga helped him out by saying to him 
(Brodie), "It's okay, Brodie, I will take care of this one when we get off 
the roof." To prove her point, she softly dug Mike in the ribs. Mike 
immediately got the message. 

Brodie handed the radio to Mike and Olga collected all the flowers. 
Then Mike and Olga went back to the car and Olga asked if they could take 
the flowers, which were pink carnations, Olga's favourite and her birth 
flower (she was born in January) back to Alice and Tim's house. Mike 
agreed as long Olga kept some for herself. They had a deal. Then they 
were back to Alice and Tim's house. 

They arrived back at the house bringing the flowers to the front 
door. Once Olga got the door opened, she called out, "Alice and Tim, it's 
me and Mike. We're back and we've got a surprise for you." Tim came from 
the kitchen and said, "Oh, a surprise. That's wonderful. Let's see what 
it is. Oh, those are beautiful, Mike but we hardly know each other, you 
know." "They're for you and Alice and Olga gets some, too.", Mike replied. 
Olga walked over to Tim, kissed him on the cheek and said, "Tim, don't 
ever change. You're perfect the way you are. No wonder Alice loves you." 
Tim was starting to get misty eyed but he covered by saying, "Why don't you 
join Alice in the kitchen. She's about to call Kathleen in New York. Mike 
and I will take care of the flowers." Olga turned to Mike and said, "I'll 
try to be as quick as I can but you know how girl talk can get." "Yeah, I 
know but have fun and tell her I said hello.", Mike answered. "Okay!", 
Olga happily replied and went to join Alice in the kitchen. 

So, while Olga and Alice were on the phone with both K.C. and Mare, 
Mike and Tim arranged the flowers in some of the vases Tim found in the 
dining room chest. After a while, all four of them were settled in the 
living room where Olga and Alice gave Mike and Tim the latest news from New 
York. Alice went on to say, "By the way, K.C. and Mare agreed to getting 
us all together before Olga and Mare leave. What do you think, boys?" 
"Well, sweetheart, I think it's a great idea. What do you think, Mike?", 
Tim inquired. "Yeah, I really want to meet this other Mike and Mare. So, 
when are we getting together?" The discussion continued on in that vein 
for the next little while.   
Author's Notes
The big meeting soon approacheth... 
Well, let me know what you think!


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