"A Meeting of the Mikes".

Part Six: The Drive Home.

Mare and Mike held each other for the longest time at the top of 
the Empire State Building. It seemed that forever wouldn't be long enough 
for them to be together. Still, what they had now was a start. In the 
back of her mind, Mare realized that after this week, she would be out of 
Mike's life and she wasn't sure that that was what she wanted but she would 
take what was offered to her at this moment and think about the 
consequences later. 

Mike gently disentangled himself from Mare, which he really hated 
to do. "Well, my lady, it's time I got you home. Shall we?", Mike asked. 
"Yeah, I wouldn't taking another *spin* in your friend's car.", Mare 
teased. "If the lady wants a spin, then a spin it is.", Mike teased right 
back with the biggest grin on his face. Taking Mare's hand, Mike led her 
back to the car. 

Then they were away from the Empire State Building and back to 
Ben's and K.C.'s apartment. On the way, Mare felt a bit sleepy and Mike 
told her to lean back and close her eyes. She did and feel into an easy 
and relaxed sleep. Mike put in a tape of Eric Clapton. Mare could hear 
bits and pieces of the song, "Change The World" and she wondered how much 
Mike knew he had changed her world. The lyrics just got her caught up 
deeper and deeper in his spell: 

"If I could change the world, 
I would be the sunlight in your universe, 
You would think my love was really something good, 
Baby, if I could, change the world." 

Meanwhile, Mike was taking care to drive Mare back to the 
apartment. Even though it was the spring, you could never let your guard 
down on the streets of New York. He knew that all too well when he was 
relegated to a uniformed cop beat before being transferred back to the 27th 
precinct with his partner and his friend, Lennie Briscoe. However, every 
time he looked over at the woman asleep on the car seat, that guard was 
slowly and unconsciously being lowered and lowered. He had never felt this 
way about any other woman until he met Mare. She touched something deep 
within him that never got to the surface. She was the first woman to reach 
in and touch his heart and soul. With all the other women, it was just for 
their bodies but with Mare, he knew it would be more than that. It would 
be something that would last forever and was meant to be. Realizing that 
he had found the *one* he was to be with, Mike sighed and smiled to 
himself. He looked once more at Mare and while they were at an 
intersection, he stroked her face. She slightly stirred and then as if 
knowing he would do something like that, she reached up and stroked his 
hand. Unfortunately, the light changed to green before things could 
*progress* further. 

Sooner than they both realized, they were back at Ben and K.C.'s 
apartment complex. Mike found a spot in the underground parking lot and 
parked the car. He looked over at Mare. She looked so calm and peaceful 
in her sleep and he could see a small smile on her lips. He wondered what 
she was thinking about but that would mean having to disturb her which he 
was loath to do. Still, there was no other choice and so he leaned over 
and whispered in her ear, "Mare, we're home. Wake up, my lady." Mare 
stirred and then opened her eyes. When she spotted Mike looking at her, 
she smiled and said, "Gee, I was just getting to the best part of my dream. 
Did you have to interrupt?". "Sorry, but I'm not sure how I would have 
explained to both Ben and Kathleen why I was carrying you, asleep in my 
arms, up to their apartment.", Mike said and stroked her chin while he said 

Mare turned a bright shade of scarlet. She lowered her face but 
Mike gently lifted her face back up to his. "Mare, what is it? Did I say 
something to upset you?", Mike asked with so much concern in his eyes. 
"No, I'm just totally embarassed and amazed.", she confessed. "About 
what?", Mike asked. "Well, how did you know that I was dreaming about you 
carrying me up to Ben and K.C.'s apartment? Oh my god, I'm totally 
mortified now.", she further confessed. Mike was slighty shocked but he 
was also completely flattered. "You dreamt that about me? I'm really 
flattered and there's nothing to be embarassed because I have thought about 
nothing else, myself.", Mike confessed. "Oh Mike.", Mare sighed. 

And then before they knew it, they fell into a kiss. Only it 
wasn't just any ordinary sort of kiss. This was a kiss that robbed them of 
their breath and yet, still left them wanting more. Mike's hands were all 
over Mare's face, her hair, her neck, and her shoulders. Mare couldn't 
seem to move her hands from Mike's chest. They murmured words of affection 
and love to one another and yet, it still wasn't enough. The feelings that 
appeared when their lips touched was pure esctasy. The kiss had started 
slow and sultry and then built up in intensity and passion. They kissed as 
if there was no time left in the world and because it was what they both 
wanted and needed. It was meant to be. 

Sensing that they both needed air, they both pulled away from each 
other at the same time. They looked long and deep into each other's eyes. 
Mare shyly reached out her hand and stroked the side of Mike's face. His 
eyes immediately fluttered closed and he breathed out a ragged sigh. 
"Thank you for the best day of my life, sugar.", Mare softly said. Mike's 
eyes opened at that and then he took both her hands in his and whispered 
very lovingly, "No, thank you. You've given me more than I could ever 
imagined." Mare's face just broke out into a big grin. 

Then they got out of the car and took the elevator up to the 
They got to the door of the apartment a few minutes later. However, while 
they were in the apartment, it was all they could do to push the stop 
button on the control console and give in to the inevitable. 

Mare knocked on the door and it was opened by Ben. "Well, hello, 
Mare. And Mike, it's good to see you.", Ben said. He kissed Mare on the 
cheek and shook Mike's hand. "Come in, you two. Kathleen has just taken 
some of her famous chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. You're right on 
time.", Ben further instructed. Mare and Mike accepted the invitation. 

As soon as they got into the apartment, little Michael crawled over 
to Mare and started pulling on her boots. "Oh, hi, sweetheart. How's the 
most gorgeous Stone man, next to his father, doing?", Mare asked. Little 
Michael's eyes just lit up. This was his favourite *aunt", Aunt Mare. 
Mare chuckled and picked up Michael. Michael smiled and reached out to tug 
on Mare's hair. "I guess all the men just can't resist you.", Mike teased. 
Mare turned to Mike, while still holding Michael in her arms. Mike's 
heart swelled at the sight. This was the woman who was going to be the 
mother to his children and she looked even more beautiful with Michael in 
her arms. Looking over the top of Michael's head, Mare said, "They haven't 
any other choice in the matter." She could have sworn that Mike coughed to 
cover up his embarassment. Mare could only smile at this. 

Hearing Mare's voice, K.C. came rushing out and gave her friend a 
hug. Then when she seen Mike, she went over and gave him a kiss on the 
cheek. "So, how are two of my favourite people doing right now?", K.C. 
asked. Ben put his arms around his wife's waist, kissed her cheek, and 
said to both Mare and Mike, "You're not even in through the door five 
minutes and already she's giving you the inquistion." "Hey, darling, 
you're not so bad at the inquisition stuff yourself.", K.C. teased and 
squeezed her husband's hands for emphasis. 

Michael was getting a little too heavy and so, Mare placed him on 
the couch. Then the phone rang. K.C. ran to get it. She had been only on 
for a few seconds, when she removed the phone from her ears and yelled 
excitedly, "Mare, it's Alice and Olga's with her." Mare immediately rushed 
over to where K.C. was and listened in with her. 

"Well, I think I will put this young man to bed and then you might 
as well relegate yourself to the living room, Mike. It will be a while 
before those two ladies get off the phone.", Ben said. "No problem. I 
could use the time to relax.", Mike said as he plopped down on the couch. 
Ben took hold of Michael and Michael looked at Mike. Then Michael leaned 
over and kissed Mike on the cheek. Mike was touched and said, "Good night, 
Michael. Sweet dreams." "I think this one may have just gained another 
uncle. Well, I'll be back shortly.", Ben said and then he was off. Mike 
just closed his eyes. 

Then before long, Ben was back and so were Mare and K.C. Mare came 
over to Mike and sat down beside him. Mike instinctively put his around 
Mare's shoulders and Mare snuggled closer to him. K.C. and Ben smiled at 
the pair. They knew love when they seen it. "So, what's shaking with 
Alice and the gang.", Mike asked. K.C. and Mare then went on to talk about 
how Olga was there for the week and Olga had met Mike Kellerman. They went 
on to explain who Mike Kellerman and how Olga felt about him. "By the way, 
they all want to get together with us before both Mare and Olga leave. 
What do you think, darling?", K.C. asked. "Sounds wonderful, Kathleen.", 
Ben replied. So, K.C., Ben, Mike, and Mare spent the next little while 
talking about the upcoming *meeting*.  
Author's Notes
We're getting closer and closer to the big *meeting*, folks. Hope you 
liked this and and please let let me know what you think.


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