"A Meeting of the Mikes".

Part Five: Bal-mer Lunch (continued). 
After much bantering between Mike and Tim in Mike's car, Olga had 
had enough. She turned around and screamed, "Look, you chowderheads, if 
neither of you shut up within the next ten seconds, then you're walking 
it. Understand?" Mike and Tim's mouths dropped open and all they could 
do was stare. Alice just couldn't help herself from laughter. For a few 
moments, there was an awkward silence but Mike broke it by saying, "Olga, 
honey, I promise to be on my best behavior for the rest of the day. Of 
course he had to add a grin for emphasis. 
Olga couldn't stay mad at him for very long when he looked like that. 

"That goes double for me, Olga.", Tim helpfully replied. "Well, 
thank you, Tim. I knew you would come to your senses sooner or later.", 
Olga laughingly answered. "Uh, Olga how would you feel about baby-sitting 
Tim every so often?", Alice asked. "Uh, Alice, sweetie, I will 
behave!!!", Tim replied. "That gets him every time.", Alice replied. 
Olga and Mike were killing themselves with laughter at this point. 

So, after everyone calmed themselves down, Olga was about to start 
up the car when she noticed something was missing. "Mike?", she asked. 
"Yeah, what's up?", he answered. "Where are the keys?", she asked. 
"Keys?", Mike dumbly asked. "Yeah, the keys for the car. If I don't get 
them, then we'll all be walking.", Olga said. "I'm glad we didn't make 
reservations at Pepe's.", Tim interjected. Alice turned around and 
warningly said, "Tim!" "Okay, okay.", Tim answered in defeat. 

For another minute Mike was digging through his pockets. He 
finally found the keys in one of his shirt pockets. He took them out and 
handed them over to Olga. The electric currents were there again between 
them. However, since they weren't alone, they quickly broke off the 
contact. Alice and Tim just smiled at each other knowingly. 

Then they were finally off. Olga was a pretty good driver and she 
had practice driving the Baltimore streets when Tim secretly let her drive 
one of the detective's cars. Everybody was chatting away about work and 
family life. When they got to the intersection, Olga turned on the radio. 
"You don't mind, anybody, do you?", she asked. "No, play away.", Tim 
replied. "Fine by me.", Alice said. "I could listen to the radio 
forever, honey.", Mike said. "Uh, thanks and I'll see what I can find. 
She was lucky that there were no pedestrians. 

The station Olga picked was a soft rock station. The song that 
was playing was "Wildfire" by Daryl Hall. Olga loved this song. The 
lyrics meant so much to her: 

"I've got this Wildfire that's in my soul, 
Everyday, it won't let go. 
This wildfire, that's in my soul, 
It's burning deep, burnin' burnin'. 

Wildfire, it didn't take long. 
All my life, is not too long. 
This wildfire that's in my soul, 
It's burning deep, burnin', burnin'." 

Olga was starting to hum along and then Mike took his hand and 
placed it on her shoulder while leaning over. Then he whispered, "Honey, 
I couldn't have said it better, myself and then he kissed the area behind 
her ear. She was close to losing it but thank god that Mike's car had 
both an air bag. Then he leaned back and just grinned the rest of the way 
to the restaurant. 

A few minutes later, they were at the restaurant. The car was 
parked and then Tim got out to help Alice out of the car, while Mike did 
the same for Olga. Tim put his arm around Alice's waist and then walked 
along while Olga took Mike's hand and called out to Alice and Tim, "You 
two go ahead. I have something to *discuss* with Mike. We'll catch up 
with you in a few minutes." "Alright but don't take too long, I've got a 
pregnant woman here to feed.", Tim teased. That got him a playful punch 
in the arm. Tim and Alice were quickly on their way. 

Finally, Mike and Olga were left alone in the parking lot. Olga 
dropped her hand from Mike's and then she put a finger to his lips. Mike 
closed his eyes and breathed deeply. Then Olga removed her finger and 
placed her lips on Mike's. She put one of her hands on his shoulder and 
the other on the small of his back. Mike put his arms around her waist 
and pulled her close. She could smell the intoxicating scent of the 
Preferred Stock cologne. Mike was being swept away by her White Charlie. 
Eventually, Olga put her hands on both sides of Mike's face. Then they 
started to kiss. The kiss started out slow and gentle. They were 
tentatively exploring each other's lips. Their bodies were gradually 
moving closer and closer together. The fit between them was perfect. 
Eventually, the kiss deepened and got more intense. Suddenly, Mike pulled 
away, leaving Olga absolutely breathless. 

"What's the matter?", Olga asked. "Uh, I think we need to slow 
down here. We've only just met.", Mike replied. "You're right. I'm 
sorry if I came on a little too strong.", Olga said with yet another blush 
creeping into her cheeks. "You look so beautiful when you blush.", Mike 
said tenderly which caused Olga to get even redder in the face. Then he 
titled her chin up and kissed the top of her forehead. Olga leaned 
forward and closed her eyes. She swore she could hear his heart beating 
as fast as her own. They reluctantly broke apart and then Mike said 
cupped Olga's chin and said, "I care way too much about you to ever rush 
you. Let's go slow and enjoy what we've got." "You are such a wonderful 
man and thank you so much.", Olga said and then she crept up on her 
tiptoes and kissed his cheek. Mike was lost again. 

They suddenly looked around and realized that they needed to join 
Alice and Tim. They walked over to the front door, entered the restaurant 
and looked for Tim and Alice. They found them over in one of the far 
corners of the room. There were four glasses of water on the table and 
Tim and Alice were doing some making out of their own. When they realized 
Mike and Olga were coming their way, they quickly broke apart. 

"Hey, don't stop on our account.", Mike said. Tim and Alice 
looked a little bit sheepish. "Oh, Mike, leave them alone. Let's sit, 
shall we?", Olga said. "Whatever the woman wants, the woman gets.", Mike 
teased as he held out the chair for Olga. Then he sat down next to her 
and gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. 

"So, what were you guys up to, out there?", Tim asked. "We're 
discussing something important.", Olga replied. "Oh, really?", Tim 
retorted. "Yes, really.", Mike retorted. "I swear that these two are 
worse than children.". Alice joked. "Gee, I never would have guessed.", 
Olga replied. At that moment, the waiter brought them their menus. 

After a few minutes of perusing the menus, they decided on what to 
order. Tim and Mike opted for steaks. Alice went for a salad and Olga 
went for the paiaya (sp?). Once their order had been placed, they started 
talking some more about what was going on in each other's lives. 
Eventually, the conversation swung around to Alice's, Tim's, and Olga's 
other four friends, Ben and K.C. Stone, Mike Logan, and Mare Morris. 

"So, I hear that Mare is in New York visiting Ben and K.C.", Tim 
said. "Yeah, she is there for a week. I hope she is having a great time. 
I wonder if she's bumped into Mike yet.", Alice wondered. "Who's this 
other Mike?", Mike asked. Olga went on to explain to him who he was and 
also who Ben and K.C. were. "So, I've got competition out there, do I?", 
Mike asked. Olga looked at him directly and intensely and said, "Not a 
snowball's chance in hell, sweetie." Mike started to blush. Alice and 
Tim knew that their friends were going to be together and that was it. 

"Well, I think I'll give K.C, a call tonight and see what's going 
on. Perhaps we can all hook up at some point before the week is over.", 
Alice suggested. "Sounds like a great idea to me, babe.", Tim said and 
then he kissed her on the cheek. Alice could only smile into his eyes and 
Tim returned the favor. "Can't wait to hear from them, myself.", Olga 
said and then she reached over under the table and squeezed Mike's knee. 
Mike breathed in very deeply and silently cursed under his breath. 

Then their lunch came. The food was delicious. Tim and Mike had 
some more beer. Alice had some spring water and Olga had some iced tea. 
"Guess, I'll be driving again, huh?", Olga asked. "Thank god these two 
have the day off. Otherwise, there would be nobody safe from them out 
there.", Alice retorted. "Hey!!!", Mike and Tim both answered. They 
continued on with their lunch talking and laughing away. 

Pretty soon, the lunch was over and they went to their respective 
washrooms to freshen up. Then they came out and Tim said he would pay the 
bill since it was Alice's and his treat. Mike said that he would pay for 
the next time. Then they left the restaurant and Olga drove them back to 
Alice and Tim's place. 

When they arrived, Alice asked Mike and Olga if they would like 
some dessert. Olga looked at Mike and while Mike was staring at her, he 
asked Alice if it would be alright if he and Olga took off. Alice and Tim 
said that was fine and that they would see Olga later. "Have a good time, 
you two and don't do anything we wouldn't do.", Tim replied. "Well, only 
a little breathing, Tim.", Olga retorted. 

With that, Mike backed the car out of the drive while Alice and 
Tim were waving away to the both of them. Once Mike got the car down the 
street, Alice and Tim went back into the house. 

Meanwhile, Mike and Olga were driving along. "So, what are we 
doing next?", Olga asked. "You'll just have to wait and see.", Mike said 
and as he did he turned slightly, smiled at her, and then stroked her arm. 
"Uh, is this going to take long.", Olga asked. "No, just close your eyes 
and we'll be there in no time.", Mike answered. Olga held him to it. 

Author's Notes
Hot and heavy, huh? Bet you can't wait until part six. Well, neither can 
I! Happy reading and please let let me know what you think.

I would like to dedicate this part of the story to Alice. She has been through a lot lately and she is definitely the inspiration and the catalyst for getting Mike and I together (from the last chapter). Anyway, this one's for you, Alice. ***************************************************************************

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