"A Meeting of the Mikes".

Part Four: New York Happenings. 
Mare and Mike managed to find a phonebox. Mare phoned Ben and 
K.C.'s apartment (they have a house in Bal-mer and an apartment in 
NYC). Mare told K.C. that she met Mike and that she would be spending 
the day with him. When Mike heard it was Kathleen Mare was talking to, he 
was very *pleasantly* surprised. So, this was Mare who Kathleen always 
talked about. God, he was so lucky to have met Mare. She was absolutely 

"Aha, so you met the famous Mike Logan, have you? Your first day 
out exploring the mean streets of New York City and you happen to run into 
the cop that all the ladies in this city are falling over themselves to 
meet. How did you do it?", K.C. asked. Mare went on to explain how she 
met Mike and added that she was very happy she did. "Well, Mare. You 
know about his reputation as a ladies' man. Just be careful, okay?", K.C. 
cautioned. "Aw, you're sweet, K.C. Thanks for looking out for me and I 
promise to be very careful.", Mare replied. "Have a good time and say hi 
to Mikey for me. Bye.", K.C. said. With that, the call was over. 

Once Mare got off the phone, she turned around to find Mike 
staring at her with a somewhat goofy grin on his face. "What horror 
stories has Kathleen been telling you about me?", he asked and Mare knew 
that she just couldn't resist when he grinned like that. "Well, she told 
me about your *reputation* and that I should be very careful.", Mare 
replied. "Then I have reprieve?", Mike hopefully asked. "Look, Mike, I'm 
a grown woman and I'm capable of making decisions for myself. If I want 
to spend the day with you, then, by damn, I will do so.", Mare hotly 
answered. Mike could only stare in awe as he said, "I like a lady with 
spunk and you certainly have it. You know, you can *order* me around 
anytime you like!" "Thanks for the offer. I may just take you *up* on 
it. Anyway, what do you expect from a woman who has auburn hair?", Mare 
replied. "And what beautiful auburn hair it is.", Mike said as he reached 
and stroked Mare's hair. Mare's insides were turning to jello. Before 
she took him right there and then, she managed to say, "Uh, Mike, what 
about that tour you promised me?" "Oh, yeah, right. Well, my lady, shall 
we go?", Mike asked as he took off his jacket and placed it around Mare's 
shoulders. Then he took her hand and smiled at her the whole way to his 

And what a car it was. It was a vintage Camaro. Mike explained 
that a friend had loaned him the car in exchange for Mike taking him to a 
Yankee's game at Yankee stadium. "You have a great set of wheels, 
Detective.", Mare said. "You think so? Well, you should see how I 
*drive*,", Mike retorted. Mare quickly got into the car before she went 
completely red in the face. 

Then they were on and for the rest of the day Mare was in heaven. 
Mike took her to the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Fifth Avenue, Radio City 
Music Hall, and they also went for a ride on the subway. They ended the 
tour by going to the Empire State Building. They went in and went up to 
the top of the building. From there, they had a birdseye view of the New 
York skyline. Gosh, it was beautiful. Mare was very aware of Mike's 
presence and especially his intoxicating cologne (let's go for Jovan Musk, 
shall we?). Mike never let go of her hand the whole time they were 
touring and he made no exception now. 

Mare turned to Mike and said, "I just want to thank you for making 
this a wonderful day. I seen so much and I totally enjoyed it because I 
was with you." Then she kissed him on the cheek. Mike was so giddy he 
could have done a jig. However, he managed to control himself and then he 
replied, "Well, it was my pleasure, my lady, and you don't know the half 
of how good you make me feel." Seeing that Mare was getting flustered, 
Mike took her face in his hands and apologized. "No, that's alright. I'm 
just a little nervous, that's all.", Mare replied. "There's nothing to be 
nervous about, Mare. I'm not going to hurt you.", Mike said with so 
much tenderness in both his eyes and his voice. "I know but do you mind 
if we take it slow?", Mare asked. "Anything for you, my lady.", Mike 
replied and then he hugged her. Mare knew she had found *him*, at last. 

Author's Notes
On to Part Five. And that means we're back to Olga and MikeyK in Bal-mer. 
Well, happy reading and please let let me know what you think.


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