"A Meeting of the Mikes".

Part Three: A Baltimore Lunch. 

Mike drove himself and Olga back to Alice and Tim's house. The 
house was situated in a really pretty part of Roland Park and the 
neighborhood was quite safe. Mike parked the car in the driveway. He 
opened his car door, got out, closed it, and then opened the car door for 
Olga. "Thank you, Mike.", Olga said and just as she did, she tripped on a 
stone in the driveway. Fortunately, Mike was there to catch her. His 
strong arms instinctively and protectively embraced her and Olga never 
felt so safe. Her head was in his chest and she inhaled the wonderful 
scent (a musk like scent. I'm thinking "Preferred Stock".) of his 
cologne. Oh golly, she was hooked! Somehow, she righted herself and 
looked up to see Mike's brilliant blue eyes staring right back at her. He 
smiled and then his look turned almost intense as he twirled a bit of her 
just past collarbone length hair around his fingers. Olga was melting and 
getting closer and closer to losing it. The hair twirling would have 
continued a bit more had it not been for Tim opening the door and 
hollering (yes, I know, Alice, Tim doesn't holler but just go with me on 
this, OK?), "Since when did our driveway become a make out zone?" The 
moment was lost between Olga and Mike. 

Mike was kind of ticked and Olga was mortified but she kept 
herself together. It would never do to have another *homicide* in the 
driveway. Mike and Olga made their way up to Tim and Alice's front door. 
Mike gave Tim a playful punch in the shoulder and said, "What's the big 
idea, you lunkhead? Couldn't you see that it was a private moment?" 
"Yeah, and the more private you get, the more public they become.", Tim 
cracked. Mike looked like he was about to lose but Olga stepped in to 
save the situation. "Tim, dear.", Olga said. "Yes, Olga?", he asked. 
"You know, normally I wouldn't mind your cracks but this time you have 
really upset Mike and embarrassed me. So, if you do it again, your mouth 
won't be the only thing that's cracking, understand?", Olga said with a 
*sweet* smile on her face to accentuate the point. Tim immediately 
surrendered and complied. Then, Alice came along and said, "Thank you, 
Olga. I've been trying for the longest time to get my hubby to behave. 
How did you do it?" "It's just takes a little nice talk and then they 
(men) do exactly what you ask.", Olga replied. "Well, are we going to 
stand out here all day?", Mike asked. "Oh, yeah, where are my manners?", 
Tim asked as he let Olga and Mike in. 

Tim and Mike recruited themselves to the living room while the 
ladies went to get ready. Olga had changed into a camisole top and a 
skort. Normally, she wouldn't make herself as prettied up as that but she 
knew Mike was an exception. Then she brushed her hair out and twisted it 
so that she could put a claw in it. She found her stockings and put those 
on and then put on her black flats. Then she put a little makeup on her 
face and some perfume (White Charlie) on her pulse points. She was all 
set. Then she left her room and went to find Alice. 

Alice was in her and Tim's room trying to do up her belt. It was 
no use, her stomach was too big. Four months along with her first child 
and already she was cursing having to gain weight. "Oh, you darn belt, if 
you don't work this time, I swear...", she said but never finished because 
she heard a knock on the door. "Come in.", Alice said. Olga walked in. 

"My, my, you look great. Is there a particular reason you got all 
dressed up?", Alice asked. "Uh, well, yeah, there is.", Olga stammered. 
"Okay, let me guess, it has something to do with a very cute homicide 
detective who is sitting in my living room with my husband. Am I right?", 
Alice asked. "I think you are.", Olga said. "So, give me the details.", 
Alice said. "I think I'm in love. Does that sound crazy?", Olga asked. 
"Not at all! I felt the same way the first time I seen Tim.", Alice 
replied. "Oh, good, I thought it was just me.", Olga said. Noticing that 
Alice was having trouble with her belt, Olga said, "Why don't you just 
forget about the belt. You don't need it because you look wonderful. 
Pregnancy really agrees with you." "Yeah? Well, you tell my back, my 
stomach, and my feet that.", Alice retorted as she threw the belt across 
the floor. It narrowly missed Tim's shoes. 

Meanwhile, Tim and Mike were talking and drinking beer. "So, 
Mikey, how did you and Olga hook up?", Tim asked. "Well, she was down at 
the docks looking out at the water near my boat. We *noticed* each other 
and then she came over and asked if I had any left." Mike replied. "Any 
what left?", Tim asked. "Huh? Oh, yeah, coffee left. Was there any 
coffee left. Tim was getting a big grin on his face. "Anyway,", Mike 
continued, "I invited her on to the boat and we had coffee together and 
talked." "And?", Tim asked. "Well, she's an amazing woman and I think 
I've got it bad for her.", Mike said. "Oh, I think cupid has struck his 
arrow at Mikey, here.", Tim teased. "Whatever but I think I'm in love. 
Crazy, huh?". "No, not at all. I knew the moment I seen Alice that she 
was the one.", Tim replied. "No wonder my ears were burning.", Alice said 
as she and Olga came down the stairs. 

Both men looked up to find two very beautiful women walking 
towards them. Tim went over and wrapped his arms his wife and kissed her. 
Olga walked over towards Mike and Mike offered his hand. Of course, 
being good boys like they were, Tim and Mike put their beer bottles on the 
table. Alice noticed this and said, "Timothy Bayliss, clear the table, 
will you?" With that, Tim unwrapped his arms from around Alice and then 
he took care of the mess. Alice was lucky not to hear him mutter, 

As soon as Tim got back into the living room, everyone was ready 
to go. Alice and Tim had decided to take Olga to Pepe's, a great little 
Spanish restaurant that was a favorite of Alice's grandfather. Olga said 
that she would be the driver, giving Mike and Tim a chance to cool down. 
They all decided to take Mike's car. Mike told Tim and Alice to go on 
ahead to the car. Tim and Alice walked to the car and Tim said, "Have I 
told you that you are incredibly gorgeous and that I love you, Mrs. 
Bayliss?" "Yes but it never hurts to hear it again.", Alice said as Tim 
swept her into a kiss. 

Meanwhile, Mike was still at the front door while Olga was locking 
it. Once she finished, she turned to find Mike looking at her with the 
sweetest smile and impulsively she took his hand. They smiled at one 
another some more and then Mike whispered in her ear, "You look beautiful" 
Olga felt all WAFy (Warm and Fuzzy) inside. They then went down to 
Mike's car still holding hands and looking forward to having a great lunch 
with Tim and Alice and then maybe spending some *quality* time, alone, 
later on. 
Author's Notes
Golly, this is so much fun. Stay tuned for Mare and Mike's excellent time 
in NYC. Don't forget to let let me know what you think.


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