"A Meeting of the Mikes".

****Hey ya all! Oh boy! Part Ten! This just keeps building and building and building...ha ha! Anyway, a *few* more people show up in this one and then the fun really begins. You're probably wondering, well, what the hell happened in parts one to nine. Oh, that was fun, too but trust me, you ain't seen nothing yet! Well, here we go. Enjoy!****

Part Ten: And Then There Was More Romance.

Everyone piled into the two cars and took off from the airport 
parking lot. In both cars, there was much laughter, talking, and general 
happiness. In Mike's car, both Mikes were swapping police stories while 
Olga and Mare were swapping stories about their respective Mikes. In Tim 
and Alice's car, Tim and Ben were talking about the politics and the 
crimes of the day while Alice asked K.C. for advice about children. 
Meanwhile, little Michael was fast asleep in his Auntie Alice's arms. 

Eventually, both cars made it to the Waterfront parking lot. They 
all got out and walked over to the bar/restaurant (bought by Lewis and 
Munch). Once they all got inside, the ladies automatically noticed a lady 
sitting at the bar talking to Munch. They were laughing and Munch seemed 
quite relaxed. When he seen the big bunch coming towards him, he said, 
"My god, what the hell happened. Did they bust you all out at once?" 
"Munch, mind your mouth, there's a young infant here.", Mare admonished. 
The woman at the bar turned and said, "I know that voice." "Anna!?", 
Alice, Olga, Mare, and K.C. screamed. "What, you know her?", Munch asked. 
"Yeah, she's another of our pals.", Olga answered. "You mean there's 
more of you?", Munch sarcastically asked. "Munch!", Alice quietly warned. 
"Yeah, Munch.", K.C. agreeingly replied. 

"I guess a few more introductions are in order here.", Ben said. 
"John, this is Detective Mike Logan. He works out of the 27th precinct in 
New York City.", Ben said. "Nice to meet you, Mike. Say, do you happen 
to know a Lennie Briscoe, a detective who also works at that precinct?", 
Munch asked. "Know him? Hell, he's my partner. He's coming here later 
on today.", Mike answered. "Mike, the language.", Tim warned. "Sorry, 
you can take a man away from Catholicism but you can't take the 
Catholicism out of the man.", Mike replied. "You don't say, Mike? Well, 
he and I have a few war stories in common. I should tell you about them 
some time.", Munch replied. "Oh man, once this one gets started, you 
might as well as cancel your flight back to New York, Mike. You'll never 
make it.", MikeK responded. "Thanks so much, Mike(K).", Munch grunted. 
"Hey, anything for you, man.", Tim responded. Munch carried on with 
getting the beers. So, the men all got to finding out more about each 
other while nursing their beers. 

Meanwhile, over at a corner table, the ladies were all catching up 
on the latest with Anna. Michael had been placed in a high chair right by 
his mother so that she could keep an eye on him. Anna was a small (in 
height) lady with light brown (used to be dark brown but the pipes in her 
old house changed all that.) hair which she was growing out in layers. It 
was getting to her shoulders. She had brown eyes and the prettiest smile. 
K.C. always marveled at how white her teeth were. 

"So, what's the deal, here, Anna?", Mare asked. "Well, Brett and 
I decided to get divorced because we just were too far apart and with the 
added burden of Brett cheating on me (Author's note: in a previous part, 
I mentioned that it was an indiscretion on Anna's part. That was an 
erroneous statement. I regretfully apologize for the mistake and any 
confusion it may have caused.) was just more than enough for me. For 
months we had talked about whether we could still try to get something out 
of the marriage for the sake of the kids but as time went on, we realized 
that wasn't going to happen. So, here I am in Baltimore with our sons, 
Taylor and Robert. The kids and I are going to be staying here 
permanently. Fortunately, Brett and I remained friends and we share 
custody. So, that's my story." "Oh, Anna. We're so sorry.", the rest of 
the ladies cried in unison. Then all got up and went over and gave Anna a 
big group hug. The men happened to look over at this point and said, 

After the group hug broke up, the men came over and grabbed 
another table to put with the one the ladies were sitting at. Munch came 
over with his notepad and took their orders. Michael was fascinated by 
Munch's glasses and tried to take them off. "Hey, hey, these glasses are 
the only pair I've got. Be careful with them kid.", Munch instructed 
Michael. Michael just grinned at Munch. Munch was trying his hardest to 
suppress a grin but it just wasn't working. "Oh, you know what, when 
Uncle Meldrick (Lewis) comes by, I'll give you his hat to play with. 
Would you like that?", Munch asked. Michael made gurgling sounds which 
meant yes. Everyone just cracked up with laughter. 

Drinks went round. All the men (including Michael) were 
introduced to Anna. Anna went on to talk a little more about her plans 
(Robert and Taylor were with a family friend of Anna's and Brett's (pure 
invention on my part. Hope you don't mind, Anna. :).). Then the food 
came and the discussion became more lively. In fact, there were so many 
conversations floating around the table that Munch kept wondering how 
anyone was going to hear the jukebox when it came on. 

Just before their lunch was finished, Lewis, Brodie, and Kay came 
in. Munch steered them over to the big table. Introductions were passed 
around and yet another table was squeezed in. Munch even decided, since 
it was before opening time (Tim and MikeK specially requested both Munch 
and Lewis to open the place up for all of them.) Brodie happened to sit 
next to Anna. The first thing Anna noticed was how handsome he was. He 
was small (height). He had red-blond hair and brown eyes. He always wore 
a doughboy's cap on his head and from the way he was dressed, he looked 
like some guy on the street from the 50's. They said hello to one 
another. Then they got to talking some more. All the ladies noticed how 
well they were getting along and they said that they wouldn't mind if Anna 
and Brodie wanted to go somewhere else to talk. Anna said that it 
wouldn't be right to leave all of them but everyone insisted that she go 
and enjoy herself. So, after a little bit more persuasion, Anna and 
Brodie went to a coffee shop near the Precinct so that Brodie could get 
lunch and Anna could get some more coffee. 

Back at the Waterfront, there was a buzz among the group about 
Anna and Brodie. "Looks like there is gonna be a glut of weddings around 
here.", Lewis said while he let Michael play with his hat. "Yeah, where 
are we going to find a church big enough for them all?", Kay agreed. 
"Hey, look, leave the planning to us, huh?", both MikeL and MikeK said. 
That just got them a great big kiss on the pecker from their respective 
ladies. Michael, at that moment, tossed Lewis’ hat onto one of the 
tables. Ah, bliss! 

Author's Notes
Okay, the next part is going to revert to Brodie and Anna but don't worry 
your other favourite characters will still be in this next part, as well. 
Golly, this is almost as good as a soap opera. LOL! Well,let me know
what you think.


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