The New Site Order

Hello all!

Since a lot of things have changed, this site has changed.
As I go through all the pages, I will post progress on this index.
Currently {26 June 2008}, only 2% of the pages have been done.

If you are looking for the old pages, here are few new links.
All of these links are valid, but the links on these pages may not
be all updated. Please bear with us as the site is entirely updated!

The main event: The Leaper Guide to TV is now here. The best, worst, axed and should be dumped of the last season is still being debated, but everything through the May sweeps is around, if you link hard enough. Just move with the mouse. It will guide you. The Thinking Actor's Guild is now inactive. We are currently looking for someone to take it over. We got too depressed. Interested? Email us. Other News: The Law and Order page was mysteriously deleted by Tripod, so its under re-construction. But it still can be found here. Eventually it will move back to its proper place, so please update your bookmarks by the end of 2003. The correct fanfiction links are there now. The Law & DisOrder Fanfiction Site can be found here. The NetForum Chat Page is now permanently gone as Tripod no longer supports personal site chats. We are currently getting a list of the various free chat places that could support our group and that would work with the most systems. There is a new place for all odd pages too. Thanks to J's stalker, We have taken the personal pages down. Its too bad we can't all play nice and sanely, but better safe for all than scary for one and heading for more. Warning for newbies-never post real and complete info online-EVER!
If you can't find one of the old sites, or one of the links isn't correct, please feel free to mail the webmaster here. No guarantees on responses, but constructive suggestions might be followed. Once. Maybe. Thanks for all your cooperation while we are under reorganization.

Lost people have surfed in times.